What you don’t know about pasta

Pasta or as we mostly call it here in Nigeria, Spaghetti.Pasta started all in Italy in the 1200 and once in October 2010 in Japan, a man made the longest pasta 12,388ft(approx.2.35miles). So you think you know your pasta? Here’s a couple of things you didn’t know about pasta.

Did you know:

1.Pasta was originally made by hand and it wasn’t until the 18th century that the first pasta making machine was designed by Cesare Spadacinni, at the request of Ferdinando II, The King of Naples. It was made of bronze and attempted to replicate the kneading movements of the human pasta makers.

2. There are over 600 different types of pasta either fresh or dried. The fresh ones include ravioli while the dried includes the Spaghetti

3.Pasta DOESN’T make you fat😉, it’s made of starch and starch isn’t converted into fat. But what might make you add weight is what you put in your pasta like butter,oil,eggs,bacon. Because of the amount of calories they have

4.Spagetti and penne are the most famous and well known types of pasta worldwide

5.October 17th is National pasta day🎉

6.Some people believe that breaking it is badluck😦,even though most of us do it, so it can fit in the pot’s almost impossible to see an Italian man(both male and female) eat pasta with a spoon.

So there you have it people, both believeable and unbelievable facts about pasta, but all true




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