The Tricks To Having A Good Shape. 

So sometimes, i feel absolutely insecure about how i look, i always think I’m too fat, never too skinny.I believe most of us do that. There are lots of people who eat a lot and also want to stay in good shape or at least still fit into most of their dresses after 2months(me included). So i was thinking how about eating your cake and having it, Obviously there’s no way its going to be easy,there are tons of calories in almost everything we take in.That’s why today I’m going to be taking you through how you can eat and still be fit,that is if you follow the rules. Remember we don’t want to starve ourselves,we should also reduce our sugar intake. 

Okay,Rule No 1

Avoid Too Much Salt:i know its a little weird having to avoid salt since it serves as seasoning to what we cook and eat. For Salt in this sense refers to our Maggi and knorr cubes. Already we’ve put in the regular salt adding these extras could be a little too much. See now the thing is, Salt actually has no calories, Its the overtake that makes you gain weight temporarily.

Be Careful What You Drink:We all love our drinks,but even they make us fat.We all love Orange juice but did you know that it contains the most calories, if you think about it, it takes tons of oranges to make the just half of the juice box, imagine taking a glass of OJ, its still the same amount of calories from all the oranges used in that box you’re actually taking in. For someone trying to avoid calories, you definitely shouldn’t be taking that much. 

BOOZE/ALCOHOL:Alcohol actually doubles the amount protein and carbohydrates in the body, it also has no health benefits. We mostly just take it to relieve stress, get over a bad time or something else, the calories in alcohol are extremely concentrated compared to other foods. We all know how misleading alcohol is, take 1 and you just keep going as it increases the calories in the body. It also increases your appetite, so imagine the combination. 

EAT SPICY FOOD:Some people dont like spicy food like me,but it is actually quite helpful when it comes to losing weight,the advantage of Spicy food is that they slow down your food intake, eating slowly is a good way to lose weight and adding spicy food is even a better way,when eating spicy food you’ll need water,when you take water you get full quickly and you dont overeat. So its a win-win. 

FRUITS:Yes, fruits can help you lose weight. Start from the berries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, any berry at all. Because they have really low sugar level, than other fruits. Now other fruits like grapefruits or avocados could be of help too. 

WALK WALK AND EXERCISE: Walk away your sorrows, just walk and exercise. We all know the popular method of weight loss is exercising, there are also lots of exercises you can do like aerobics, yoga, weight training etc. 


5 thoughts on “The Tricks To Having A Good Shape. 

  1. Hi, very useful tips 🙂
    Well, since some have that certain sweet tooth, carbs when consumed are better in the morning, so our metabolism can burn all the calories, and I can suggest you to write another post focusing on the metabolism boosters, what do you think 😀
    I would love you to check my page 🙂


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