My Personal Recommendations for Various Genres of Music

Music,figuratively is a pleasurable sound and a lot of us are addicted.Personally,i like various genres of music,I’m an addict too if i do say so myself. But we all know and understand the rush and the feeling when we play that Olamide’s track or Falz or even Chris Brown or Drake.The beautiful thing about music that I always wonder is how no matter what you play/sing you still have fans,there is still someone somewhere that listens to you and appreciates it.

Music isn’t just about the sounds and beats that gets you moving,but also the health benefits.Now yes yes,it does.I didn’t think it did too till I read some books.Part of the health benefits includes lowering stress level,developing the brain,it helps in meditations,it can also change your mood, this one we know of.

Sometimes music can be so relatable,girls will understand this part,when your feeling down on your luck with your guy and you play that song and you just let it all out and feel better afterwards.Or even guys after you win something, there’s always a song to go with it.

Music has such beauty,sometimes I try something, it’s like a game but no winners or losers,i just do it for fun.So the only catch is you have to sing a song with the last word someone says out of a completely random sentence.It could go on for hours.It’s so nice how people can use music as a voice to promote peace,stop violence,save the world and so much more.

Also has anyone else noticed that sometimes when you listen to fast songs with smashing beats you tend to be happier while with the slow songs you just flow with it,it changes your mood???

As nice as it can be,music does have its side effects and I’m sure we all know this,it’s mostly what our parents say to us,at least mine,Out of nowhere I just hear’aren’t you going to go deaf at this rate’.which is the main side effect loss of hearing due to loud music,every other thing follows like bad lyrics etc.

Now let’s try to find the type of music that suits you.First Listen to everything,separate your happy songs from your sad songs,if you know what I mean,make a playlist. Dont worry,i won’t leave you to stress on it by yourself. 

Here are my personal recommendations:For upbeat rap and mostly beats try David guetta, Major lazer,Zedd,Eminem,Kendrick Lamar, future,Kanye west, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake,Bryson tiller,Travis Scott,Diplo and skrillex,Fetty wap,Asap rocky,Desiigner,Big sean.  

While for everything else,my personal mood soothing artists Sia,Adele,Taylor Swift,Katy Perry,Selena Gomez,Wizkid,Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande,Falz,Annie Lennox,Hozier,Jon Bellion,Ciara,Nicki minaj,Bebe Rexha,Zayn,Rihanna,Drake,Chris Brown,Ruth B. 

For bands/groups, i call The Chainsmokers,One Republic,One direction of course, maroon 5, Fifth harmony,Imagine dragons,Pentatonix, 5seconds of summer,Twenty one pilots.  

For tv series/soundtracks:Because I’m such a fan, i recommend Glee and Empire. 

Now these are just mine, you can always make yours, and don’t be scared to add or remove from my list. 



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