What is beauty?

Sometimes, if not most times i feel insecure about what i look like, what i wear, how my face is, how my hair is, how my hands are. And i just want to trade them for another,somedays i dont even want to go out cuz i feel like my face shouldn’t be outside or im not attractive enough but I’ll put it to you that beauty isnt just seen on your face, its also felt in the heart both yours and the people you relate with. I guess thats why some people say A person is only beautiful, when there beauty refects on others. Let’s also keep in mind that beauty isnt just a thing of physical appearance but also of heart and it also has to do with your inner strength.I know what if feels like mainly because social networks won’t let us rest,You go on Instagram and see girls and wonder how is it that you’re much less, It just kills your confidence. Understanding that you are beautiful in your own way will definitely help you overcome your fears.Because failure to do so can lead to social anxiety and what not,Which is why today, I’ll be giving tips that can help you project your inner beauty. 

  • Smile-You know how they always say the prettiest thing you can ever wear is a smile? Well turns out, they are so right.It lights up your face and attracts people to you.Mostly for people who don’t know how to approach you(both male and female), you smiling is like a relief.
  • Posture-Sit,Stand,Walk,Talk with grace and poise. Stand straight,Head up,Chin high, You look confident. 
  • Acknowledge your inner beauty- Give yourself credit, you deserve so much more, dont beat yourself up.You gat this
  • Show Kindness- Be kind, Trust me it goes a long way.It makes things easier for you even when you’re not their to monitor it. So ‘have faith and be kind’.
  • Dont try too hard- Now i know you have like a goal to meet and all but slow down, easy.Dont over do the makeup and clothes,Dont go broke because you want to look fine and Dont you dare spend all your money on plastic surgery, Dont over exercise.Over doing it makes you look desperate and we dont want that. 
  • Get enough sleep- This part,even I need to pay attention to.We all can relate to what lack of sleep does to your appearance not to mention your brain.Sleep is so necessary,we need to sleep for at least 8hours.
  •  Hug Often- This is my favorite, Hug everyone and everything, hug your family and friends. You feel much better. 
  • Be Grateful- Finally,Express your sincere gratitude for everything and to everyone.Be grateful for what you are and who you are.

That being said,I drop my ‘pen’ here and say goodbye with a picture, i hope it helps. 


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