Its been like 5days since my last post😅,sorry guys I’ve been caught up in somethings,So recently a friend of mine just got her own Bobbi Brown makeup brush set👏and i was just talking to her about cleaning them when they get dirty and she told me she didn’t think it was necessary and that she doubts they can😕. That being said, I’m going to reexplain all that to you guys,just in case some people dont know as well. 

We all know how important it is to have our makeup brushes,it just about makes everything easier, concealing, contouring, blushes,foundation etc. But more importantly, hygiene,we should never forget to clean these brushes constantly, even though ir seems like a lot of work washing 32 brushes every two weeks but keep it in mind that they are things we put on our faces, and yes they have germs/dirt too. So to clean them

You will be needing:

  1. Soap
  2. Water
  3. Dry cloth
  • STEP #1 

Gently rinse the bristles(AKA the soft/fluffy thingy we use on our face, usually assisted by a handle).Now be very careful when rinsing and make sure you don’t put the whole brush in the water strictly the bristles, the water can make the glue holding it loose. 

  • STEP #2

Put the bristles in gentle soap(some people use baby shampoo).After this, you can swipe it up and down your palm multiple times

  • STEP #3

Rinse it again,check just how much cleaning you have left to do or if you’ve gotten most of the stain out. Once again,make sure the water doesn’t go above the handle. 

  • STEP #4

Squeeze the water out.Put the bristles between your thumb and pointing finger and gently remove excess water from the brush(es). 

  • STEP #5

Alright, now you’re done. Place the brush(es) on a dry cloth and leave them out to dry. TA-DA brand new brush(es). 



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