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My Guilty Pleasure 

A guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy even though you can’t exactly admit it like music, video games, movies, magazines even food. Now its not a disorder or something, every one has it. Its just that thing you do when no one is looking. Its fun and addictive. 

 GP#1  Disney Channel:now how do i put this, okay, its like the first channel i tune into when i put my TV on, even if I dont like the current show, I’ll still tune in to check. For my age, this is a serious guilty pleasure 

GP#2Memorizing all of Glee’s songs/singing along and pretending to be Rachel:If you watch Glee or you’ve heard of it, you’ll know they do incredible covers for almost all the songs ever now you will also know that Rachel is the best singer on it. I love all the songs and i try to belt notes out like Rachel when nobody is home but I’m sure my neighbors will start complaining anytime soon.

GP#3 Poetry: I dont write them but i instantly fall in love with people who do. Especially the guys,I know how I always say I dont like reading but its just different with poetry and it just seems very sweet and I always want to read more😆

GP#4Sleeping very late:I have this thing where if I sleep during the day I can’t sleep at all at night, and I still let it happen 

GP#5Romantic comedies:I like to make myself believe,just for the span of about two hours that i don’t know the end. Rom coms help us escape from the real world for few hours and make us believe that their is actually a prince charming, we all know how it ends but we still willingly surrender to it

GP#6 I have a sweet tooth i.e I love to satisfy my sugar urge Anything with excess sugar is mine😌

Okay, so these are just a few i can put out,if I try to write more we won’t leave here today. So tell me if you see yours or if not. Just drop yours in the comment section😊XOXO


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