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Urgh! Toothaches😟 who else agrees with me that they are the worst, believe me I’m speaking from experience. I remember mine was so bad,I couldn’t even speak, my mum just thought i was over-exaggerating(Nigerian parents😩) until the day I literally passed out,lol. Let me gist you, so it was in 2014. I just graduated from secondary school in July and i think it was around September it happened(i was waiting for my resumption date which was October). I had been complaining even before graduation but my mum thought i was playing and she kept on saying ‘you better stop cursing yourself'(once again Nigerian mums) anyways, so one evening, she went shopping for me and i got over excited when i saw everything i couldn’t wait to open them,I cant even say this is where the animal in me came out from that made me use my teeth to cut the nylon bag😶😶keep in mind that I’ve hardly been speaking all day just to make sure I didn’t hurt myself.As i pulled the bag with my teeth, I didn’t know when the bag fell out of my mouth and i passed out, lol my mum almost died😂. Long story short, I had to remove it, cuz according to the dentist he said ‘your tooth is damaged beyond repair’ the guy was just laughing😞😒.Dont even get me started on the needles when i had the extraction😵😵Dear Lord. 

So to avoid any further passing outs or damaged tooth/teeth, I’m going to give out a couple of tips to help prevent it, or at least suppress the pain. 

1. SALT AND WATER: is it just me or its the solution to most problems. Its also the most known solution. You guys know how this goes, Put salt and warm water together, put it on the spot for a while and spit it out. Do this continuously for a couple of minutes. 

2. TOUCH AND GO: i can remember using this one too, put it on cotton wool, place it on the tooth and bite on it, Bite! Not suck. For a couple of minutes.

3. ONIONS: Lol so this one, you’re going to have to endure because they have antiseptic properties if you don’t like onions like me, but if you do congratulations its a good day for you.What you have to do is chew on it, if you cant chew just rub/place it on it for few minutes. 

4. ICE PACKS: You guys know this one, place the ice pack on the tooth area. 

5.THE TYPE OF TOOTHBRUSH YOU USE: When i had my extraction, the doctor told me its better to use soft toothbrushes. And you know that thing always behind the tooth brush pack that says ‘change your toothbrush within 3months’or something like that,its quite true. Pay attention to that too.If you dont have aches, doing this will at least give you a little guarantee. 

6. LIME JUICE: This is quite painful, if you can take the pain, put it on the tooth and let it burnnnn😈lol just kidding but its painful. Do it a couple of times. 

I hope this helps and i wish you a passing out free week/month/year. XOXO 


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