Hi guys😊Today I’m going to be talking about Nails💪😆,kinda my area of specialty,alright so I know a couple of people who find it really difficult to keep their nails.Me on the other hand, I’m good to go, I have no problems with my nails they just keep growing until I decide to cut them which rarely happens(I love them). 

And usually they want to know what I do to keep it that way, I can do the dishes for hours and it’ld still not break. I can even paint them and it’ll look like I had them done..So to help people struggling with grow their nails. 

I’ve taken the liberty of looking for ways to make sure you can grow you nails a lot longer within a week or let’s just say I experimented😌

First off,

Stop Biting Your Nails😳: Yea yea, i get it. it’s seductive, you do it when you’re nervous, it helps you calm down.My dear find another way of calming down because your nails won’t grow when you keep using your teeth to disturb it.if you do try to stop it

Nail Hardener: If you fix your nails regularly you must know about the nail hardener,It also helps too,It strengthens the nails, When i tried it my nails were hard as a rock,i couldn’t bend them like I used to. 

Dont peel off the nail polish: When your nail polish gets old,dont use your nails to peel it off, it makes your nails weak with all the struggling back and forth

Manicure: Manicure is quite important, file them at least similarly they’ll grow in that direction and you’ll be able to tell the difference. 

Biotin: Biotin AKA Vitamin H, slow nails are usually as a result of the deficiency of biotin. Biotin is a really good recommendation for nail growth. Its usually in carrots, cucumber,milk, soybeans,oats, eggs, strawberries etc. 

Olive Oil:Apply a little amount on your cuticles and nails and rub it in before going to bed every night. You can also just soak it in olive oil for about 5 minutes. 

Lemons:Because they contain vitamin C which is important they also give the nails a special shine. Rub a slice of lemons on your nails for 5 minutes then rinse off and apply moisturizer. 

This is how mine came out

P.S: When it works, don’t forget to groom them and clean them regularly. 
Oh and do them twice a day to double your results. 

Thank you For Reading❤♥                                       I hope it helps                                                                 XOXO



    1. Lmao yes dear I actually do.. My nails are so hard they don’t even move, it’s almost like water makes it stronger. Thanks 💕💕💕💕💕


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