MOVIE TIME: Empire is coming back in 2days!!

Hallaa!! All ye empire fans, hear ye hear yee! Lol dust your computers,get your laptops and phones close,find a stable WiFi and get ready to download/watch(whatever rocks your boat) but know this Empire Season 3 comes on September 21st. 

In the series Lucious Lyon(Terrence Howard) is a quite selfish music god/legend and an ex street thug he used the money they made from selling drugs to start a record label called Empire Entertainment. When he realized he was sick, he made his 3 sons Andre(Trai Byers) Jamal(Jussie Smollett) Hakeem(Bryshere Grey) ‘battle’ each other for who is going to take over the company. Lets not forget Cookie Lyon(Taraji P Henson) Lucious’ ex wife who went to prison for 17years,she’s also determined to bring the family back together.The wife of the first son Andre.Lucious”godmother’ PA Becky she’s so nice to everyone esp. The boys.Cookie’s talkative PA. Lucious’ skinny ex wife to be Rhonda. Too many people. If you haven’t seen it yet please do😣.  


You know if there is no fight its not empire so let’s try to recap what happened in season 2. Jamal is on a wheelchair(remember when the rumor came out that he wasn’t coming back😥😥). Grandma Lyon didn’t tell Lucious’ secret😤. Luscious was so proud Jamal took a bullet for him(that Lucious sef, I’m tired). Remember Jamal and Laura’s wedding😆… That didn’t work😳. Rhona figured out it was Anika that pushed her off the stairs and made her lose her baby. Lucious and Cookie have the past’s problems to deal with. Remember Shyne the idiot snith according to Cookie haha. The deal was that he could come to Laura and Hakeem’s wedding meanwhile Laura’s Father doesn’t want him there because of his gist,but Cookie, Lucious and Hakeem assured him everything would be under control(yea right, like control and the Lyons are buddies).Jamal still doesn’t trust Lucious, so to win his trust back(sounds unlike Lucious right)He goes to prison to see Freda and acts like he didn’t kill her father and everything is because she’s talented(As if!!) He convinced her to sing something from the prison to inspire Jamal, she’s such a big bowl of talent soup❤

Jamal of course heard and loved the song and he was inspired straight up and then Another Jamal Lyon hit was born.

They find Anika freaking out about to jump off the balcony just because she doesn’t want to testify😂not because she killed her new bestie’s child. The mother of the Lyons Cookie gave a little pep talk about how she’s family blah blah and she got down. Remember when they didn’t want shyne at the wedding? They should have just found a way to keep him away, everything was going fine until Baba came in with hookers and champagne like it was his party, when she was walking down the aisle a ‘caterer’ issues a court summon and ran away it was then everything scattered.Laura was crying, Hakeem tried to comfort her, her parents were upset, she said she couldn’t deal with it anymore(like she didn’t know from the beginning that the Lyons and chaos are besties). It was too sad 😔

As everyone left,they realized that the only way for Anika to not testify is by marrying Lucious(its all just weird) considering she’s carrying Lucious’s son’s baby(his grandchild), she killed what could have been his first grandchild from Andre and Rhonda and Lucious and Cookie kinda have a thing going on again. Anyways Andre married them, and Lucious whispered in Anika’s ears’i know you pushed her’, Anika leaves. The FBI guy came back, one thing led to another Lucious asked Andre to call his new wife, meanwhile Rhonda followed Anika to the balcony and tried to push her off immediately Andre stepped on the balcony someone fell off…


Sierra McClain

Mariah Carey

French Montana 


Phylicia Rashad

Link to the trailer

I’ve been trying to put the link,but its not working. But if you want to look for it KILL OR BE KILLED is the title of the trailer. 

Thanks for Reading. XOXO


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