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5 Makeup Tips For Oily skin 

Hi loves. How you doing(in Joey from friends’ voice) 

I’m going to be giving make up tips for people that struggle with oily skin like me. 

Primer:Applying matte primer before make up helps you absorb oil for the entire day. So make sure to use your primer. Especially with this Nigeria’s weather that will make you sweat out your face.Oh right, before I forget, don’t just use any primer, use the primer formulated for oily skin. 

:Use more of concealer than foundation, concealer doesn’t have that much oil. Although if you must use foundation i’ld suggest you go for the oil free or mineral free foundation,it fixes your pores. Also always use your fingertips to apply your foundation, it reduces your chances of getting ache problems.And don’t slap the foundation on, it’s not tennis. Gently rub in circular motion.

Foundation: Apply the foundation then wait for 5-10minutes for it to settle in properly.After this you can use your power. Don’t use powder with shimmer else you’ll look like something that fell out of a glitter box, you can use Kabki brush or air brush. Also always target the forehead and the bridge of the nose, they get oily first. 

Spice: You can use blush and eyeshadow if you want to spice it up a little bit, Also try to use waterproof makeup, you can never be too safe.

Finishing: Dont forget the setting spray, now this makes the makeup last twice as long.


4 thoughts on “5 Makeup Tips For Oily skin 

    1. Hi Dear.. NO.. I particularly like to use the concealer to cover my spots, then apply foundation afterwards.. It’s just too much stress blending if you use concealer after


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