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How to Tie a Gele(headgear) #101

Hi huns💕How are you guys doing? I’ve had a very busy week, busy doing nothing(Don’t judge me I’m on holidays). My holiday is so long I’m begging to go back to school😩

Because Friday is just about to start for some people(if you know what i mean)😉so Happy Friday to you. 

I’ve been watching YouTube gele(headgear) tutorials and i think I’ve ‘mastered the art’ and I’m ready to share. Wait o, I’m kidding i just know enough to share. 

For my fellow Nigerians, The great day of turn ups is usually on Saturday and I’m going to be making you look so hot you could be used to cook jollof rice at the party😩😭(flashback to dry jokes Tuesday, incase you missed it) 

By look I mean your head and by head I mean your gele(headgear) 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

P.S:the tutorials pictures aren’t mine, its a little difficult for me to tie and take pictures as I’m always home alone. But i will show my finished product 

#1: Do you hair up, make it into a doughnut or anything just get it out of you way so you can really have enough space to move around. I usually make my hair up into a doughnut because the back of the hair eventually shows and it has to look pretty. But if your hair is short just pack it to the back, thats fine too. 

 #2:Fold the gele in 2 equal halves 


Place it on your head, and wrap it around like you tie a normal scarf. Make sure your hand has formed like an X at the back

#4:Take your left handed gele(the gele on your left hand, pardon my headgear language) and wrap it over to your fore head and pause 

Make sure your right handed gele is firm, know that you have to pull it to be firm because you’re going to need your right hand.Now after pausing, use your right hand to fold beautiful pleats as you stretch the left gele and place it with your left hand. 

#5:Now take the pleats to the back, here you pull the parts that you haven’t made into pleats to the back

#6:Now to make the wings, remember the right handed gele we abandoned, yea we’re going to need it now. To make the wings you take the left and right handed gele and tie them together

#7:Make sure its firm

#8:After tying it, it should look like this in front 

This is my finished look

I understand that it might not look so simple but i will write another post with me doing it and i hope this video helps,this is video that taught me after my mom. 

Here’s the link to the video I watched and a couple of others will be under it too. Enjoy and tell me how it goes 

Ewar Makeovers – How To Tie Gele – ..

You can always tell me if you found it easy to tie in the comment section, I’ll be waiting💕😙


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