DIY Series #1:How To Make Your Own Pearl Ring

Hi shuga loves😛(lol i have the weirdest names). Happy Thursday too. So today i was so bored and i saw my mum rearranging her jewelry box and threw out some pearls(i love pearls) and i just thought they shouldn’t go to waste. Plus i had seen a couple of things you could make out of them so i decided to re make my favorite, Pearl Rings. 

Lets get started 

What you need

plier,a wire, pearls(a big & small one) and super glue. 

Step 1:Form a ring with the wire around the finger(s) you want to make the ring(s) for.  

Step 2:Put the big pearl in the wire first, add super glue so it stays. Like so

 Step 3:Add the little Pearl to the other end, just as you’ve done with the big one.

And you’re DONE! 

Pardon my terrible photography talent😭😭

Hopefully it’ll get better 💙


Author: Ore

Hi,I'm Ore. I'm a student and Nigerian, I channelled my boredom into a blog and voilà! I love makeup,beauty related and trending stuff,I'm here for people with similar interests and even if you're not a makeup person,I'm sure there's something for you. Let's connect.

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