Currently I Am Oct ’16

Currently listening to Justin Bieber ft Dj Snake-Let me Love you. I really don’t care what justin has been doing lately but his songs are blowing my mind. I cant get enough. If you haven’t heard it, I’ll be glad to share the link at the end of this post😚. 

So officially, Hi lovers! Welcome to the beautiful month of October(p.s its my birthmonth🎉), even though I’m like 6days late.But still, its better late than never right?. Anyway so I’ve been kinda down, which is unusual cuz i hardly get ill,it’s probably my body finally agreeing with the fact that this holiday is too long. I cant wait to resume on Sunday. 

So lets get to today’s business(sort of). I’ve been seeing quite a number of posts on this ‘currently i am’ tag including ellapinkette and i figured since i always have something to say/do let me try it. 

Currently I am.. 

Wearing:My pj’s. Wait dont judge me yet, cuz if you’re at home alone alll the time, i don’t think you’ll be changing clothes like a runway model😌

Craving:ice cream and Gummy bears, these are the ‘bundle of joy’ people talk about.. In the food department sha. 

Feeling : Still sick, nauseous, kinda cold. 

Learning:How to make wigs, i don’t understand what prompted the curiosity I just feel the sudden need to know how its done😩

Listening to: The Chainsmokers ft Pheobe Ryan-All we know, One republic-Whereever I go and Glee-Seasons of love also Donnie Mcclurkin’s I need you, I’m a Muslim but i heard him perform this song on The Real and I absolutely love it. 

Reading:…. TWILIGHT.. Lool I’m not the type to read a book past 30pages but I think I’m in love. The book is so detailed, I might even prefer it to the movie🙊

 Loving: My new choker😍😍 

Admiring:The off shoulder trend.Gah damn! It’s sexy. Speaking of sexy, shall I mention that I’m now learning French. Bonsoir! Get ready for my random french ‘inputs’ 😂

Nervous about:My birthday😩.. A part of me doesn’t want to do anything😂. The stress of  what to wear blah blah. I kent deal edakun

Looking forward to:resuming on Sunday. 

Praying for: Sensible roommates this semester that’ll add to what i know and not remove the little I’m struggling to keep in. 

Watching:Legends Of Tomorrow I’m a huge Dc comic fan so.. and Queen Sugar. 

Justin Bieber ft Dj Snake – Let me love you  http://9xbeast.com/download/song/34651 

That will be all for now, I’d really love to know what you are doing as well. So indulge me, I’ll be waiting😘


7 thoughts on “Currently I Am Oct ’16

  1. Thank you for sharing so much with us. You have to do something for your birthday, and cheer up. I hope your roommate situation gets better. I love Queen Sugar as well. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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