My Biggest Fear. 

Hi guys.In reference to my previous post and my latest interest in the French language, Bonjour. I’m feeling a bit slow today and i thought I should put it in words. I think I finally know what my biggest fear is. It’s not being successful/or not being able to provide for myself not to mention other people around me. 

See part of the things I’ve learnt from my parents is no matter how little you have you should still be able to give.I love to give,you never know how God is going to reward you. I also have big dreams. But the horror of not being able to make it or not get to the level my parents are not to mention going higher, it terrifies me. Especially when you’re the first child and you have ALL eyes on you, dear God. There’s almost no one that isn’t expecting something from you. 

I’m not sure though, I feel like I’m the only one that thinks this way, I mean the people that are comfortable or rich or made dont have so much to worry about do they??? 

Or is it that they work to work even harder??

But it doesn’t matter, I’m just going to always pray it works out the way I want and even better. Doubts or not right? its only going to be a good end eventually  if you have a story to tell. 

So Either way, I always pray for it to be easy for me and anyone else having doubts or at impasse. 

On the ‘bright’ side,I’m going to school today so wish me luck. 

I already feel so much better 😆😆

I hope you have a great day                                          XOXO.                                                                               HAPPY SUNDAY


Author: Ore

Hi,I'm Ore. I'm a student and Nigerian, I channelled my boredom into a blog and voilà! I love makeup,beauty related and trending stuff,I'm here for people with similar interests and even if you're not a makeup person,I'm sure there's something for you. Let's connect.

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