Series Time|Skinny Girl In transit 

Currently I’m sitting outside my room cuz there’s no network inside,and my back aches😳

Hi guys. Happy Friday loves. So today I will be talking about one of the most popular series of late. I found out about skinny girl in transit from this my friend but she had only season one when I watched it and I became addicted, I decided to watch the whole season 2 on YouTube 😆 dont blame me, if you’ve seen it or you haven’t you’ll understand why. 


Now SGIT is a very interesting and relatable series. It centers around an overweight and funny OAP Tiwa, she struggles as an overweight girl in lagos who tries to find love even after her recent break up and her passion for her job. That was how she ran on the lekki-ikoyi bridge😩

Of course her life would have any spice without her over dramatic mum,who can go from wailing to calm in the blink of an eye. Lol that woman can pretend! And her constant lonngggg prayers she can pray for 6hours straight also how she always ‘dreams’ about everything and how the angels revealed it to her in her sleep. Typical African mum

Also her beautiful, slim and annoying little sister Salewa. Lol the girl spares no time to tease her big sis

Her very supportive friend both at work and home. Its so cool how they always have her back 

Omds! I almost forgot the clown of a maid they have, Wosilat. That girl cracks me up every time.


Abimbola Craig 

Sharon Oja

Ngozi Nwosu

Ayoola Ayolola

Kenneth Okolie

Bisola Aiyeola

Ini okojie

Here’s a preview of the series /the first episode 

Enjoy and Thank me later

Have a beautiful weekend. 



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