Series Update|Teen Wolf Season 6 

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Teen wolf is back and better and scarier and crazier with the weirdest new bad guys, these people now ride horses.. BLACK HORSES! and they erase people from existence.. LITERALLY!. 


So remember last season how Kira left last season cuz her inner fox was misbehaving and taking over her life,and Theo got sucked into the ground??.. Yea so now about the GhostRides.. The deal with them is that they take people out of existence.. Let me explain when this first happened, they took a little boys parents and the boy saw them, they took his parents and no one could find or remember them except for the boy and the pack only believed him because Scott did the Claw-behind-the-neck thing where he can see what happened like he was there.. Also the catch about it is that if you see them they’ll take you too including the little boy even with the police protection and all…. The crazier part was that Stiles saw them too…. I dont want to put spoil it too much for y’all.

I’m trying to get the link but its not going through so use or YouTube 


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