Why I’ve been away/2017 so far/New year resolution! 

Currently I am-dwelling in the sound of mosquitoes… P.S there’s no light. 

Before anything let me first say Happy new year!!!! And merry belated Christmas Omds! I’m so late, even ‘better late than never’ doesn’t even cut it anymore. I can’t have any excuse enough for not being consistent especially when that’s like the major key.

So as on why I’ve been away let’s try to recap since November after my birthday, I lost my phone(more like it was stolen from my bedside, right by me where I slept! Crazy right?.. Life can just be hard) and after that I got a temp from my dad which broke…. Accidentally.. It fell and shattered one time, I wanted to just die, it was almost like the universe was telling me that it’s not in my destiny to use a phone anymore but I can’t listen, I just can’t.. I’m a phone freak!! , I can’t stay 2hours without my phone, I’d feel like a cavewoman. Anyway long story short I have another temp now and I’m back!!!!


2017 so far…

There hasn’t been so much since it’s still the first month. Let’s just say it’s being promising, It’s been all about school work and what not, I have exams soon but now that I have another temp I can continue with the blog🙌..

  • Getting in shape

I don’t know why but I feel fat and every time I tell someone I want to reduce or get in shape they look at me like I’m crazy or they  tell me ‘what fat are you burning’ or what not. So I’ll try to work on that myself, you know with the push ups and squats etc…

  • Laziness

Omds! Its safe to say I’m the laziest person alive and I have to really work on that. It just slows me down basically

  • Procrastination

Smh! Procrastination is just my middle name. I do it almost every time and about everything. I need help.

  • Meeting New people

Yea.. This too.. Not because I’m bored with the people I already know, it’s cuz sometimes all you need is someone new, get to know them, talk and all that. It widens your horizon and boosts your confidence and all that.

  • Getting more sleep!

People that know me can testify to the fact that I hardly sleep 95% of the time I’m always awake and it’s not like I dont want to sleep, it just doesn’t come, I have a serious case of Insomnia. Hopefully it’ll change this year

  • Saving

I’m almost done with school and it’s no news that most times especially when you are done with school so is your allowance. I don’t know how it works with my dad yet but just to be on a safer side let me start saving before I end up penniless.

  • Learning a new language

If you can remember I mentioned once about my new obsession with French.. That language is just very sexy, I was actually learning with an app before I lost my phone and I’d really like to continue.

  • Taking more pictures

Lol petty right? But it’s quite something, I’m a terrible model I just can’t take pictures but I want to so I’ll work on it.

It’s great to be back                             Have an amazing day                                                  Till  next time…XOXO

A dream doesnt become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.                                              – Colin Powell


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