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Product Review|On My New Oriflame Eyeliner

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Hi Y’all. How are you guys doing? So today I’m going to be writing a product review on my new Oriflame Eyeliner. I’ve never really been a fan of Eyeliners especially when I end up getting  one wing right and the other wing looks funny or broken or like it was in a fight and then i have to clean and re do.. You know the struggle.. So instead I’ve always preferred pencils to the gel or liquid liners cuz in my opinion it’s easier to control, until this my friend Feyi (she sells Oriflame products) decided to force me into buying it(which I’m grateful for). At first I was reluctant about it but after I tried it on, it looked so damn good. I even felt like a pro(almost),and wings were always popping! 

It’s actually very light. Weightless infact if you may. 


I got it for N3000.. That’s like $9.52

N2855 on jumia without delivery charges which is usually like N1000 or N1500


It’s really easy to apply 

It doesn’t smell funny

It dries up real quick, which I think is a good thing Because of the blinkers(people who blink a lot especially when things are close to their eyes) 

When you want to take it off it just peels off, it doesn’t become messy and runs down your face


I don’t like the fact that when I open it, it spills. I don’t know if I should be turning it upside down or something, but it tends to spill. Half of the thing will just pour away and 3k will be gone,in this recession haha. 

Pardon the blurry picture, this is what it looks like when it spills

P.S-I feel like because they are upcoming, I can trust them for a while. All these makeup products that we all say were once good but not anymore, it’s based on the popular demand they tend to remove the essential ingredients one after the other especially when they are pressured into producing more when the ingredients aren’t complete. It’s quite logical. I just pray they don’t fail. 
Happy Thursday 

Have a good one 

          Till next time… XOXO 

Is there anything else you need to know?

Do you have any other type of Eyeliner you can recommend?  

Do you own any Oriflame product(s)? What do you think of it? 


4 thoughts on “Product Review|On My New Oriflame Eyeliner

  1. Hey ore. You should try glams eyeliner pen. It’s actually very nice and one of the best i have tried. Trust me i have tried A LOT even from high end brands they don’t seem to work for me, some aren’t dark enough for me or they are patchy. And it doesn’t spills out when you open it. So that’s a plus. It’s 1200 on jumia without shipping. A useful tip is to store horizontally not vertically.

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