Currently I am Feb ’17

Listening to-PartyNextDoor – like that

Hi lovers, Happy new Month. How are you guys doing?.and how I am? Don’t even get me started….  I’m trying my best to be as consistent as possible. And I’ve been so busy with exams. So I decided to do a quick ‘Currently I am’ post… 
 Loving| Girls on low-cut, I love the courage they have,i really can’t afford to cut my hair for anything and I’ve been seeing a lot of them lately and they look so nice. So S/o to them

Wearing| This very pretty wrist-watch I ‘stole’ from my mum. She has way too many. 

Watching| BBNaija! Yeah yeah *rolls eyes* Yes I’m watching it, Don’t get all judge-y. I stumbled on it and I liked what I saw. My favorite housemate is Bally, The guy can be calm in a storm, how can someone be so quiet, he’s so fineeee. And I found out he’s a DJ… He’s pretty quiet for a DJ don’t you think? 

In love with| The pink snapchat filter. 

Reading| My Notes!! Dear Lord I’m tired of exams.. Take it away Lord 😥😥. For real though, school is exhausting tbh! 

 Listening| A whole lot of Partynextdoor. He’s just awesome. His songs are so nice. 

Anticipating| A new phone from my dad, I’m tired of this temp. I can’t even  take good pictures geez!. The worst Part is that the man isn’t even looking in my direction at all.. Lol I can’t live like this. I’m a mini cave woman

Craving| Some really nice Buka food.. I don’t know why but I’m tired of school food. I just want a bit of outside food. 

Upset about| The rampant kidnapping in this country. I’m not understanding anymore. First it was boko haram now it’s kidnapping. This country has to get better, it’s a must. 

Missing|  This Tiny friend of mine, the lucky child is going for Ian 😥.. And my baby sister 😥

Drinking| A whole lot of Ribena, I’m cheating on Coke lol. Since coke became N150 I just stopped, I don’t know if it’s actually don’t know if it’s the money or something else, I’ve had only one  since this year started (I think) 

Feeling| Very Excited.. Why? I have no idea.. I guess it just happens 

Have a good day

Till next time…XOXO


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