Product Review |Oriflame Clarifying Scrub and Purifying mask. 

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Hi guys, how are you doing. 

So today I’m going to be doing a review on this facial mask and scrub I tried yesterday. I got it from my friend that sold the Eyeliner to me, she’s just making me try out everything. 

I can say the mask and scrub were quite effective,i actually noticed the difference and then maybe because I was instructed to rub it in (the scrub) my face came out really smooth. So I’ll just give the breakdown of the products and then how to use it (if you eventually buy it) which I think you should. 


It costs about N650


it’s just a little minty

Where to buy

An online store

An Oriflame distributor. 

What I think

Its so easy to use 

Its travel size

You can use it at least 3times

I actually don’t have any complaints about this product, only that it’s too small! Seriously N650 in this recession. 

How to use

For the Scrub 
First the Scrub, Apply evenly on your face, rub it in, wait for about 5minutes then wash off 

The mask

Then the Mask, Apply evenly as well until it dries, leave for about 5minutes too then wash off…Try It Out and thank me later. 


2 thoughts on “Product Review |Oriflame Clarifying Scrub and Purifying mask. 

  1. Wow! I will try to get this mask now!

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  2. Great! Let me know how it goes dear


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