How To|Enjoy Valentines Day As a Single Person 

Currently listening to Sia-Big Girls Cry

I decided to do this post after seeing a whole lot of  ‘what to do if you have a partner’ type of posts,then I figured what about the people that dont have. So I feel like today’s post  is quite relatable. We dont all have “prince Charming”  and “the best girl”. Initially I was just going to listen to some music(mostly Sia), Nap, Eat and   imagine  how my day would have been if I had plans. Basically all that sad, grumpy stuff but then I changed my mind, its a new year. ” So what if I don’t have a val, I’ll be my own val” was what I told my self.

Being single on Valentines isn’t that big a deal, just the part where you get to see others all clingy and lovey-dovey. But regardless, That shouldnt hold you back.
So basically if you’re date-less like me and you want to feel better or have something to do,Then follow the instructions below.. Lol that sounds so official, but y’all know what I mean.
1 . Love and Pamper Yourself

Take this one day to do so. If you’re single, free and you have no plans I don’t see why you shouldn’t.

2.Go out… 

If you were dating, you’d probably go out so I don’t see why you can’t as a single person. As long as there are no rules holding you down. Go have dinner somewhere nice, you deserve it.

3…. Or stay indoor

Lol so it’s a two-way thing, either you go out or stay in. Since this is about staying, you can still make do with that. Cook something nice or Order. Watch some comedy shows to keep your mind off love stuff, you’d be surprised how far the mind can  wonder off.

4.Dress Up! 
Guys dress nice, Girls beat your face abeg. Look good for yourself. Usually I don’t feel depressed when I look good, I think it works that way for most people. And who knows maybe you might just meet some…one…*running away*.

5. Buy You something nice

If there’s anything you’ve wanted for a while, or you’d have probably told your partner to get you If you had one. Get it for yourself today. It’s a present from you to you.

6.Do what you haven’t done in a long time. 

Probably you liked it and your ex hated it so you stopped in the name of love.Please since you’re not with them anymore, nothing is holding you back. So do it! whatever it is..

So to all my single ladies and gentlemen stay winning and you’re not single? Stay winning too.

   Till next time, Have a great day. 


Do you have plans for today or not?         Let’s know how it goes.

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