What’s in my friend’s makeup bag! Ft Mowaglint

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Hi guys, Happy new week.

Today’s post is something I’ve always wanted to do since my friend got her new products, i even drafted it out already but she has to go on IT and it’s going to take a while but I managed to make it all work out. 
In today’s post I’m about to take you through my friend Mowa of mowaglintstore‘ makeup purse. This pretty friend of mine has a makeup purse of a makeup artist in fact it’s not even a purse anymore, it’s almost a museum. 

Anyway I decided to pick her favorite/Go to products… Leggggo!!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills BrowWiz

I personally love this brow wiz, it’s like the regular eyebrow filler only the more expensive and 10x better version. Lol according to Mowa, ‘It’s Mad’. Plus she has Naturally full brows so it’s pretty easy for her to use. 
2.Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette. 

So when she traveled she showed me the products from Revolution and they looked so nice even in pictures,Now Mowa is not a 100% eyeshadow expert,she prefers it cuz the color are quite similar and easier to move from transition to blending blah blah she’s learning tho but when she’s done learning ehn, I pray we can all wait especially with these products.
3.Danelle Makeup Brushes 

Personally I love these brushes especially cuz it’s already labeled, it’s so beginner friendly. Also very easy for her to use. 
4.Mac Prep+Prime Face Protect Lotion.

It’s a face primer, apparently she tried everything else and figured out that Mac is the best and it lasts twice as long. 
5. L’oreal Fixing Mist

AKA finishing spray. She uses this product too, according to her, it makes her makeup last and she hardly sweats after using it. 
6.Her Lipsticks (Inglot,Mac,Classic,New look, L’oreal) 

One of the makeup products Mowa can’t do without has to be lipsticks, she has tons of them and she just never stops buying. I remember when she even got a blue one. These are just a couple. Let me not forget to mention her obsession with Nude lipsticks, she has all the shades of nude! 
7.Anastasia Beverly Hills waterproof Eyeliner 

This is a waterproof eyeliner, it’s almost as effective as the pencil. She called it the greatest and that it’s matte and it doesn’t smear.
8.Rummel London’s ‘scandal eyes’ precision micro Eyeliner 

No wonder her Eyeliner is always looking so nice. It’s really dark and pointy and it makes the best wings!

9. Revolution Lipstick 

This is another one of the members of the revolution family. It’s a lipstick palette. And it’s really good. Revolution is really trying as a brand and I feel they’re going to go places. 

10. Maybelline Mascara

Yasss! Maybelline mascara.. I’ve seen this a couple of times and I’ve used it too.. It’s really nice. 

So guys that’s it. My top 10 from the glint makeup museum. Later!  

For more on the makeup products. Follow her on instagram @mowaglintstore or click on it in the post, it’ll take you directly to her page. 

Until next time my munchkins… XOXO.           


Do you know any of these products? 

Have you tried them out? 

Let me know and don’t forget to drop a comment. XO


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