My Favorite Nigerian YouTube Vloggers

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Hi loves, Happy Monday! It’s a new week lets do great! 
Because I’m always bored half the time I’m at home for holidays, I just go on YouTube and watch videos,no specific type just all everyone I see or YouTube suggests I even watched all of skinny girl in transit on YouTube(RIP to my data). Most times I watch makeup tutorials too.. Cuz I’m obsessed and I’ve seen a couple of people I really honestly like. I like them and their works so I decided to share them with you guys. Oh also I’ll put a link to each of their YouTube channels just incase. 


This Girl ehn *sigh*. Where should I even start from, She’s a lot,she’s an entrepreneur, a law student, she writes, she dances, she’s a beauty vlogger. She’s the CEO of blinks Lashes, She recently started her skincare soap for all skin types and color-LolaGummySoap. 

Her sense of style is so effortlessly Nice, She kills the Tom-boy looks just as much as the regular looks. 

She doesn’t even stress it, Her Hair? *bows down* I can never cut my hair but she makes me want to, sigh. 

Cutting it doesn’t even stop her she slays every hairstyle and hair color. Her Vlogs are always very explanatory and detailed.Although its not Everytime that she posts

 Here’s a link to her YouTube channel –


I  found out about her first I think on instagram before YouTube. I’ve always loved her videos on instagram. Her makeup game is strong. 

My only problem with it is the length of her videos on YouTube *sigh*some go into 15 minutes edakun what happen.. But besides that everything else is perfect. 

Here’s a link to her YouTube channel –


OMG I love, love, love her vlog.She does makeup tutorials, beauty hacks, products reviews, D.I.Ys etc. Her videos have helped a whole lot too. 

I feel like her tutorials are the most helpful because most people have seen lots of makeup artist with normal faces before makeup but she has quite a relatable face (I don’t know if you guys understand what I mean) lots of acne, skin discoloration and all that I feel like it’s not everyone that watches these tutorials video that has a plain/smooth skin. It’d be nice for them to relate to her. 

Here’s a link to her YouTube channel- 


I love Toni’s videos. She’s a Nigerian self taught makeup artist and YouTube vlogger based in Canada. She’s actually quite good for a self taught artist. 

She does makeup tutorials, short talks, one time she did a highly requested video of how she met her boyfriend(kinda like a tag stuff)lots of people did it too.. Basically all that stuff. She’s also one of my favoritessss! 
Here is a link to her YouTube channel –


She’s also one of my favorite beauty vlogger . I recently found her sha and I was actually impressed. 

She does tutorials, hair tutorials and other lifestyle related stuff too. 

Here’s a link to her YouTube channel  –

There you have it guys. 

Do you know any of them? 

Who are YOUR favorites? Let me know.. Until next time… XOXO



17 thoughts on “My Favorite Nigerian YouTube Vloggers

  1. I recently discovered one – Uche Natori! She’s in the UK I believe and is self taught. She’s sooo gorgeous! I just love her face. I liked this post, I also love Omabelle.

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