Update||New Movies Coming Out In March

Hi babies. Happy new Month, I can’t believe it’s already the 3rd month. So today I’m going to be doing a short quick post just basically to remind you guys about new movies you could see this month. I gave the full breakdown of movies coming out this year here

So without further delay. Let’s get to it 

1. Power Rangers

2.Beauty and the beast 

3.Hong Kong Skull Island


5. King Arthur:Legend of the sword 

6 . Ghosts in the shell. 

7.Baby Driver

8.Captain Underpants 

9.Smurfs:The Lost Village 

10.Boss Baby. 

So there you have it guys..

 I personally am looking forward to Beauty and the beast, I’ve been ranting about it since last year check here, Power Rangers and Wolverine too

Until Next Time… XOXO



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