Fashion Icon Of The Week||Abolade Hadrat Mayowa

Currently listening to my roommate laugh hysterically cuz she’s watching The Wedding Party

Hi beauties! Welcome to another week(i know it’s  Tuesday but eh!) How have you guys been? I missed y’all *hugs* lol.. I’m trying to keep to my word about being consistent( sorry I didn’t post something new on Sunday) but I’m making up for it now Also I’ve been super busy getting into Some exciting new stuff for the blog but Now I’m going to be doing a post on fashion.
I know I’ve mentioned here at some point about how I lack a sense of style but I’m trying still sigh,In honour of that,I don’t want to deprive you guys of the latest news on fashion on this blog Hence today’s post which is besides the fact that she’s one of my favourite fashion bloggers.

I was scrolling though instagram when I found her page, She’s a fashion blogger and a student of unilorin,brand ambassador and she’s definition of S.L.A.Y. Oh did I mention she’s Muslim!!And she slays effortlessly!

She’s just busy serving us inspirations anyhow Sigh.

I like to think of her as a mini Basma K in training. You can check her instagram @officialhaddiee.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section.

Until Next Time..Stay Next Door (Lol thats just some cheesy thing my friend said but i like it so I’m going to keep it)

Have a beautiful week.



17 thoughts on “Fashion Icon Of The Week||Abolade Hadrat Mayowa

  1. I’m really glad at the number and quality of Fashion Bloggers springing up, making statements one at a time. I’ve been wanting to see that The wedding party movie, I’ve not been able to see that movie yet, been procrastinating a lot, please can you share me the download link?

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