01||Tales from Makeup Haul 

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Hi my beauties!! How are you guys doing? Una week nko?..mine has been super stressful and this is just Tuesday, I have classes throughout today yo!! Like literally is just tiring can’t they just hand out Bsc for free sigh.

I’ve been into soo much stuff lately, I still am sha but there’s nothing coming between my blog and I so….. I got some new stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol yes I’m shouting cuz I’m super excited about let’s show you guys, shall we?

P.S :This post is likely to have tons of exclamation marks(!!!!!) based on my excitement. Lol I apologise in advance for the inconvenience . XOXO 

1. Beauty Blender!!

Okay, so I’m quite late with this one but I got it still..Remember when a picture went round asking girls to ask boys to guess what it was?? Lol some of my friends said it was a pink egg or an egg or a clown nose.

2. Classic Face and Eye

These things ehn! The eye primer is just a life saver,it’s safe to say it does it’s work so well. The Face Primer is so smooth on my skin. I should and will definitely do a review post on this.
3.Urban Decay Makeup Brushes

Yoooo!!! This has to be like my fave ever mahn! This brushes ehn, Gosh! So soft! Sigh..i can show you better than  I can tell you. 
4.LA Girl Pro Concealer (Red Corrector)

This corrector works wonder you guys, its definitely worth its price.
5.Classic Makeup Face Contour Kit!

Yo!!!! I saw and used this one one time like this, my friend Feyi that I talked about here has the type and everything is just the bomb..To be extremely Honest, No jokes..The Contour? You just need a very little amount and it’ll go a long way same as the Highlight. The Bronzer?? Omds The glow is unbelievable. My face could be used as an improvised disco light lol 
6. Classic Lipstick (Pure Matte in Isabella and Duke in  24 hours)

So there they are you guys.. Let me know if you’ve tried or used any one 

Until next time my beauties..Stay Next door (lol and yes its a thing now)  XOXO



11 thoughts on “01||Tales from Makeup Haul 

  1. You really got a lot for yourself. Who says there’s anything wrong in spoiling yourself a little? I think I would be waiting for a review of any of these products so I can decide which one to get for myself.

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  2. What is not to love about the Classic Isabella lippie! When i bought i had never heard of it. I saw it and liked the color, the woman was trying so hard to hype it but in my mind i already knew i loved what i was seeing and i don’t regret doing that particular impromptu purchase. I know how excited you are for all these especially those brushes. What is makeup without good brushes?

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  3. I thought I dropped a comment when I liked this post so here goes.
    The Classic Face Contour Kit is my go-to. I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life since, lol.
    The face primer doesn’t do much for me in terms of controlling oil but I still use it because money cannot waste lol.
    I like the liquid lipstick in Duke as well, such a pretty shade.

    Bookie Kunlere

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