One Act To Look Out for in 2017||Bollylomo.

Gbolahan Olatunde AKA Bollylomo is a media personality who made himself on snap chat and through ‘KEEK’ initiative after graduating from England . He’s also one of Nigeria’s favourite Comedic influencers and he’s making a lot of waves at the moment. If you move in the Naija cool kids circle then you’ll probably be very familiar with Bollylomo, He’s what you’d describe as the life of the party, frequently seen at some point the most exclusive parties and events in town.But unlike others his influence cuts across culture and class, you’ll probably recognise him if you’re a frequent traveler on the Lagos BT where his show Battabox runs on the entertainment system. 

The self proclaimed ‘Broke upcoming celeb’ as his twitter bio says is probably the description you’d use for most of the celebs in Nigeria Lol but the upcoming part of the story seems to be gathering steam these days.
In the age of social media Bolly is a pioneer. For those who remember ‘KEEK’ one of the first ever popping social media platforms, Bolly was one of the first Nigerians to reach one million followers for his super funny and often X-rated ramblings. 

If you’re a frequent viewer of his snapchat (@BollyLomo) over the last 12months you’d probably have noticed a lot more snaps of #SetLife #BTS #Hosting and selfies with other industry big fish. In August last year Bolly signed to HYPEBUZZ the new agency representing some of Nigeria’s most creative talent Maraji, Lola Oj, Ms DSF and others and has been low key making waves with viral videos on social media and various radio and TV features. 
His first major feature film just dropped titled ‘Ojukokoro’ Bolly plays ‘The Greedy One’ in Bollys own words ‘I really enjoyed playing the character and can’t wait for all the supporters to see’ Bolly says. There’s a lot more to come from him this year and we’ll be looking closely to see what this star in the making does next.


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