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DIY|| Velvet Turban Cap With Pearls

Currently enjoying the cool breeze as its about to rain,its been so HOT All day .
Hi beauties. Happy Sunday!! Long time No D.I.Y yeah? 

Todays post is a D.I.Y and its super easy.i kinda got the idea off when I saw Toke Makinwa wear a turban which FYI is now like a big fashion statement now, I remember my 100level in school I had a couple and ditched them after some weeks. Anyway I liked the new and improved ones I saw, they now wear them to events and it looked so  gorgeous UNTIL!!!….i asked for the price! I heard N6000, N8000….i couldnt even cry plus the Alaroro in me just flew out and I decided i’d make hard could it be

             What You Need

  • Turban Cap of course( any choice of color is fine)
  • Pearls
  • Super Glue 

            Step 1.

    First off Take a bead and carefully put the glue on it 

    Step 2

    Place it on your turban how ever you’d like to style it.

    Step 3.

    Continue doing that till you think its enough and VOILA!! 

    There it is your very own turban pearl cap without having to break a bank.
    I got the turban cap for N800 

    Pearls(two strands) N1000.

    Super glue N80

     So basically You’re going to spend N1880 less than N2000.

    P.S You could totally sow it on for a more firm result

    Wil you be trying this out? Do leave a comment below, i’ll be waiting xo

    Until Next Time Loves…Stay Next Door XO  



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