Product Review||KissBeauty 3x Aloevera Makeup Fix and Ushas Bronzer

Currently I am listening to….Nothing actually. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet i’m getting from this empty classroom.

Hi my beautiful Readers(yes,yes both male and female). How was last week? Mine was..eventful,in between it all i’m still going to make sure I stick to my ‘every Sunday post’ routine. 

That being said,Today’s post is a Product Review post..Yass!! So remember when I talked about the new products I got and even showed you guys? Well I got these too,so I thought i’d do a review on them today.

So lets get to it….

 The Kiss Beauty 3x Aloevera Makeup  Fix

This spray!! Sigh.. It’s my first ever makeup spray and I absolutely love love love it! It’s totally worth it’s price. 

​It glues the makeup to my face and I know it’s supposed to (obviously) but I’m just very shocked, I wanted to try something new and different and I thought it’d be awful but I was so wrong. I think that’s why i’m so happy about it.

I can’t imagine if it was rubbish and I spent 2k on it..urgh! I don’t even want to think like that.Oh also did I mention that it smells A-m-a-z-i-n-g. I think i’ll buy it again.


You can buy in local markets.

*I haven’t found a bad side to it yet, if I do you guys will be the first to know

        Ushas Bronzer For Face and Body

This bronzer too!! I think this bronzer is like the most common, popular and even the cheapest one in this Nigeria ,I dont even blame the people that buy it,they happen to know how well it works. The glow is unbelieveable and its super affordable.

It’s  the perfect product  for an ‘affordable glow’ 

You can get it at local stores or even public markets for N500 but if you cant stress try Konga or Jumia is between 750-1000
have you tried Any of these products?

What do you think about The bronzer?

Is the makeup spray one you want to try?

Let me know in the comment section, I’ll be waiting.

   Until Next Time XOXO

Have a good one.



8 thoughts on “Product Review||KissBeauty 3x Aloevera Makeup Fix and Ushas Bronzer

  1. Kiss Beauty is not here to play, ahan.
    I’m skeptical about Aloe Vera setting sprays because I use the Classic Setting Spray which has Aloe Vera in it and I think it just makes me sweat more because Aloe Vera attracts moisture from the air.
    I’ll just stick to my Mac Fix+ Prep n Prime, till I find a budget friendly setting spray.

    Bookie Kunlere

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol just convince any of your friend abroad to buy it for you, that’s what I did (convinced my sister to convince her friend for me, lol long but worth it sha)

        Liked by 1 person

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