Welcome To May|| Currently I am

Hiiii my loves..happy new month .. i’ve been off forever and I will explain, a lot has been happening with school, departmental week, social direcror duties blah blah. P.S the excursion post will be up soon . Lots of stuff, I feellike i’ve missed a lot.
So today i’m doing a ‘currently I am’ post, i’m gonna get right into it

Listening to|| a lot of Sia, kelhani and Ed Sheeran

Watching || friends, I love watching the reruns..i loveee Chandler
Feeling|| super tired, the excursion was something else

Reading|| school books,it’s May, test month

Wearing|| Burgundy crop top, burgundy is my new fave 

Craving|| my mum’s cooking, urgh

Looking forward to || Ramadan..lol just the feeling of the first two days

Loving|| my new wig,i got from my friend @mowaglintstore on ig and twitter. Also the new Samsung S8!! Omds has anyone seen it!?

Wanting|| a new laptop, mine has become a TV, doesnt work without light..lol I cant leave like that.

Thankful for || the gift of life..honestly its not even easy

upset about|| missing the GTBank food and drinks..i dont stay in Lag plus school, they keep sending notifications

So basically thats it for now guys..i WILL be back soon with more

Until Next time..XO



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