DIY|| Natural Face Scrub with only 2 ingredients. 

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Hi guys!! It’s been forever, I’m sorry for my inconsistency but that’s about to change. Oh and Happy New July by the way❤ 

It’s my blog-anniversary month🎉🎊 

So today’s post is one I’m actually very familiar with so I decided to share with you guys, basically just think I got tired of those N3000, N650 face scrubs and I decided to try a more natural solution, that was when I found out about the Honey and Sugar scrub.. and how well it works.

So let’s get to it…

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What you’ll need

> Honey

> Sugar

> A container (Optional) 

What to do

This is pretty easy and self explanatory since it’s 2 ingredients 

> Pour the Honey and Sugar in the container and turn it with a spoon or stick 

> And voila! Your million dollar works-just-as-good scrub

I trust this method only because it’s natural, I think it’s basic knowledge that honey is a toning ingredient on its own 

> The Scrub clears your spots. 

> It opens up and black/white heads allowing you to remove whatever is in there

P.S Use it 2/3times a week. Oh also you can add coconut oil or even lime..but I only use and can give report on Honey and Sugar

So are you going to be trying this out? 

What do you think? 

Do you have any natural scrubs you use?  

 Until next time



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