02||Tales From Makeup Haul 

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 Happy 4th of July!! Staying home this whole ime got me thinking about what to do in the mean time before my internship clicks and I still cant figure it out..any ideas?

Before I came home from school,I just HAD to get these particular products cuz I’ve always needed them oh P.S in the spirit of makeup, I think I should actually show some of my works, and actually tutorials,it’s about time so get ready for some MOTD(makeup of the day).

So first off! I got an actual setting/baking powder(anyone you want to call it)..for the people that have seen my make up, uplease until now I haven’t been using any setting powder, I’ve been using Hacks>>Johnsons Baby Powder *I should do a post on my makeup hacks* Yup! Not that it didn’t work,I just wanted the actual setting powder and for some reason I wanted this Sacha ButterCup Setting Powder and no other one, not BenNye, not Classic just SBC..we have a spiritual bond in the makeup world.

Oh I got it for N4500..a review will come up in the future time when I use it

I hope I’ll love it

Up Next…LA Pride Oil Control Powder Palette 

BRETHREN! Shall we all say ‘It’s about time’ Lol okay, so this palette I got because I happen to do other people’s makeup so it’s just wise to get this small one. It has every persons color. So if you’re starting small or even for personal use, you don’t have to be a makeup artist before you can own it.

I got it for N4000 

And lastly…Lipsticks! So I got these ones cuz I just don’t have enough..oh and I found my perfect shade of Nude!!! Let me explain, so I can’t wear Nude or Pink lipstick without using something else to line my lips first. It makes me look sick so I figured out that every one has their own shade of nude/pink/red or any colour of lipstick and I was probably using the wrong shade and that was when I met classic nude..and the rest is history. 

I also got Ruby smells so nice

All that is left is my perfect shade of pink

I think I got them for N400/500 each

What setting powder do you use?                        Do you use Sasha ButterCup Setting Powder? What’s your take on it?                                              My new Photography skills ehh                               Do you have a special shade of nude lipstick?    Do leave a comment I’ll be waiting



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