DIY|| revamping your shoes 

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So lately I feel like I have a lot of DIYs coming into my head ( Thanks diy gods,keep it coming) I’m grateful for it

So today’s DIY I’m trying out with a shoe. P.S the shoe is too big cuz they are for my little sister. She has had them for months since now but never wore them, she says they arent fine enough so I told her to give them to me to see what I can do before she got back from school and this happened..

What you’ll Need


》Studs picker( for a neater job, I used a divider from a mathematical set)

》Glue(not super glue but the shoemaker type)

》A pen or marker.

Step 1

Use a pen/marker to make dots on the places you want to place the Studs for a more precise and clean work

Step 2

After the first step, you can then put a little glue on the stud 

Step 3

Then use your picker/divider/tweezers etc to place your studs on the area you marked with a pen in step 1

Step 4

Repeat the process…..

Step 5

Continue the process….till you’re satisfied and Voila! 

                      Finished Look

Pretty Yeah???

Which do you prefer?? Before or After??

What do you guys think?? Leave a comment I’ll be waiting XO




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