Currently I am July ’17

Currently Listening To Charlie XCX – Boys

     P.s this is a post I did on the 31st of July but it had some issues so I’m reposting!

Hi guys. How are you guys..I’m super exhausted I don’t even want to get into it.. I can’t believe it’s the last day of July, it’s all moving so fast , we’re all growing old *welp* lol .

I dont think i’ve ever prayed for a month to be as slow as i did with july but it still ended .

Well Happy New month in advance 

Listening To 》Justin Bieber- Despacito remix, Cardi B- Bodak yellow,Chris Brown ft Gucci Mane- Tone it down, Charlie XCX -Boys

Watching 》a lot of YouTube videos..I just discovered my love for Ronke Raji..I was unsure before now lol and GBT and AGT auditions that I missed

Loving》 The weather!..I love it when it’s cold , I don’t really like the rain but the cold weather is one I live for.

The colour Burgundy

Wearing 》This floral dress i got a while back but i never liked it, i just thought to try it on one day and it looked okay,great actually..I’ve lived in it since

This bracelet i stole from my mum, I haven’t taken it off ever since

Wanting》to go for the Bloggers brunch in’s in August. Also a new phone omds! I need to be specific, A new phone with an amazing front AND back camera..I don’t even care the size anymore

Anticipating 》Teen Wolf season 6b! Omg! I’m too excited

Grateful for 》the gift of life,Friends etc, one of my grandma’s had her 80th birthday recently,while she was giving her speech she had a lot of things to be grateful for at 80 and it just made me think

Reading》The 48 Laws of Yes surprisingly I’m actually trying to read something.. so I feel the need to put this out there , this book requires interpretation for people with good minds. If you’ve seen the 2017 movie “The Outcasts” you’ll see how the book was used in a mean girl type of way cuz of the laws in it. But it’s a great book

Law 34—Be royal in your own Fashion, Act like a king to be treated like one

Craving 》Suya from Iwe iroyin(the best suya spot in Abk)

Watching》The Voice Nigeria , I hope I’m not the only one lol. Oh and Power(Ghost is free) , Insecure(it’s about time)

Looking forward to 》Getting a job’s not even funny anymore. I’ve spent one month looking for a placement out of 3 months I.T

Law 5 (one of my favs)—-So much depends on your reputation– Guard it with your life  

Law 4 – Always say less than Necessary 

There it is guys.. Thanks for Always💜

How did your July go? Let me know in the comment section.


11 thoughts on “Currently I am July ’17

  1. Wow – what a great month for you! If you’re looking for a phone with a great back and front camera, I’d strongly recommend that Samsung S6 Edge. I have the 7, but the 6 camera is FAR better, in my opinion 🙂 x

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    1. Yeah??? I probably should 😢😢 thanks dear


  2. July seems like a good month for you dear. Apart from the fact that you are looking for a place for your Industrial training I think you’ve got a lot to be grateful for. I thought it was only me that find my mum’s accessories appealing to the eyes and worthy of taking. For your IT don’t worry you’d get a place soon. Just keep trusting God
    Well done girl

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    1. Awwn Thank you hun
      I got a place💃💃
      Lol mums know best

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  3. I love Ronke Raji too. She’s bae 😍 😍 😍 Saw the link to your blog decided to check it out. You can check my blog too.

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    1. Awwn Thanks a lot dear💜

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    2. Awwn Thanks a lot dear💜 of course I’ll check your blog XO

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    3. Awwn Thank you dear
      Of course I’ll check your blog XO

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