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Hi guys!! Okay so I’m too excited!! I hit 200 followers last week! YAY!  I’m thankful to everyone that has been following my blog from the beginning and those that will join us in future! You guys are the best.

It took quite a while to get here, I’m not even complaining cause ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ like my mum says.  I remember days when I didn’t even feel like writing anything and I felt like saying the words while my phone magically typed the words..But it’s good to see how it’s gradually paying off.

 So THANK YOU so much for taking out time to read,follow,visit,comment,and like my blog XO.

So as a show of appreciation, I’m going to be doing a little blog promotion for everyone interested.

Here are the rules;

1. Write a brief description of yourself/blog e.g your name, your blog name and what your blog is about 

2. Put a link to your blog under your description, that way other bloggers can easily find your blog and follow

3. You can come back from time to time to check if there’s someone else you’d like to follow

This way you can get to connect with other bloggers and expand your horizon

That’s all! Quite easy!

So our NEW goal is 250! Lol lets see how it goes

     I’ll be waiting for your comments 

Have a beautiful Sunday.




46 thoughts on “200 Followers + Promote Your Blog 

  1. Congratulations for 200 followers🎉🎆🎊💞
    This is a great idea…… I can’t wait to find more interesting blogs here….. 😊
    Hello everyone my name is Aditi, the face behind my blog DIY Empress
    As the name suggest I blog about easy DIY projects…. Hope you like it….. And if you do please join me….. Here is the direct link to my blog….
    You may follow me on Instagram as well, my username is @diy_empress
    Here is the direct link…..

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  2. Congratulations on 200 followers Ore 🙂. I followed right away to push for that 250 that you wanted!
    Hehe, hi to everyone else here. I’ve got a writing blog where I post poems, short stories, theories, book reviews or just articles and things like that. If you like writing or just reading poetry, you should check it out!
    It’s here: https://thewritingwave.wordpress.com/
    Have a good day!

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  3. Congrats! Hope soon you’ll be back with a post celebrating 500!

    Hey folks, my MIDDLE name is Amaka. I thought to myself, so many middle names go to waste in this world, so why not use mine for something? I also LOVE writing so boom, here I am! I blog about four things – body, heart, soul, mind (my main category, because I have a lot of thoughts swimming about. I reflect on stuff a lot).

    I write on fashion, life, and many other things as well as FICTION! So if you’re into short stories, reviews, rants, reflections and generally decent posts, check me out! I’m also always on the lookout for new blogs to follow. If your posts are decent, I’ll always leave quality comments.


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  4. Congratulations on having 200 followers!! And thank you for wanting to promote the new blogs!!

    My name is Ashley and I’m 18 years old. I will regularly write in my blog and it’ll be filled with original stories, poems, and maybe reviews!! I’ll be writing different genres from LGBT to thriller. I hope you’ll like it! Thank you so much!


    Can’t wait to meet new people and connect!

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  5. Hello Ore. Actually I was opportuned to attend the Bloggerpoint2 Brunch over the weekend and I had the opportunity of learning different ways in finding bloggers. Thus, I got to work and eventually I stumbled on your blog.
    I must say, you have really great content and I particularly love how aligned all your posts are.
    Congrats on 200 followers and hoping you will reach 250 followers very soon.
    I am sekinat sanni and I started blogging in February. I am very passionate about personal Development which includes empowering individuals to channeling their inner abilities and embracing self growth through my blog – http://www.sekinatsanni.com.ng
    Apart from that, I am a plus size blogger, thus I often blog about style. Hopefully, I didn’t bore you too much. Cheers dear.


    1. Lucky youuuuuuu
      Awwn thats so sweet Sekinat, I’m also in the middle of looking for new bloggers to connect with.
      Lol I pray for 250 soon🙌🙌🙌🙌. I just subscribed to your blog hun❤ thank you so much


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