Hacks 101||Cellphone Hacks We All Need

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Hi loves, how are you guys doing? Happy Sunday!!!  

We’ve been having quite a number of people joining us on the blog especially on my 200followers post, Thanks Guys and Welcome on board. I hope you all love it here👏❤

How did your week go? As for you guys that went for the Bloggers brunch(which I’m still pained about anyway), How was it?? I hope you had fun,took pictures and met new faces.

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Into today’s post…I love hacks! All hacks,makeup hacks,Fashion hacks,phone hacks etc..but today we’ll be doing CELL PHONE HACKS📱

So let’s get started

Hack 1. Using your phone case as a mini wallet

I want to assume I’m not the only person that doesn’t fancy wallets/purses, I have them but I don’t make use of them(I’m too lazy to carry such loads). So the easiest way out especially if you’re going out and you need your ATM or ID is to place them behind your phone case. That way it serves a 2-in-1 purposes, it can protect your phone and keep your atm/ID. 

Hack 2 Putting your phone on airplane mode

You know sometimes when your battery runs low and you just want to charge your phone quickly the best thing to do is to put your phone on airplane mode especially if you aren’t expecting any calls and before you blink twice,100%!😆😆

Hack 3. Camera button hack

You know those times when you want to take pictures maybe cuz you look good or your eyeliner is just so sharp! And pretty but…you’re the only one around and can’t manage to tap the ‘capture’ button on your screen and get a good angle at the same time? Well, I have a solution! All you have to do is to change your camera settings, set your volume button as your shutter button. That way you get a good grip of your phone,a good angle and a great selfie😆

Hack 4. Charger problems

Photocredit: Google

Especially iPhone users, lol I’ve seen some chargers looking like they were in the 2nd world war. Anyway I have a solution, all you have to do is to use the spring from a push pen. Open the lower part just enough to enter your charger and then tighten it back and enjoy your charger

Hack 5.  Let there be Light

This is some 3028 future time hack,lol. And all you have to do to get a little extra light is to place a transparent covered bottle of water over the flashlight of your phone and let the heavenly light shine😊😆. Tested and trusted

Hack 6.  Let the Music flow

The only mug in my house that can fit my phone😅. It works wonders

I hope I’m not the only one that doesn’t have a mini speaker😩this hack is for people like me, especially when you have a get together of about 10people and you need a little bit of music to lighten up the mood all you need is a glass vase or cup etc. Place your phone in it, play the music and you have your own speaker. Tested and trusted 

Unfortunately that’s all I have for you guys today. But not to worry, there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to every Sunday. 

Have you tried any of these hacks?

Will you be trying anyone? 

Do you know any other hacks not included? 

Leave me a message in the comment section. Happy Sunday X

Until next time XO 




26 thoughts on “Hacks 101||Cellphone Hacks We All Need

  1. You’re not the only one o @ #1hack. I keep my money in my phone pack, until I changed it to that kind of elastic type that fits for all. And that Heavenly Light shining lol… I definitely would try that.
    I’m always putting my phone in a bowl for it to be louder, I don’t own a speaker too, sometimes when it does me too much, I put in two bowls, first in a smaller, then in a larger bowl 😎
    OK… So I’ll stop ranting now

    Liked by 1 person

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