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Currently I Am Sept’ 17

Currently listening to Trey Songz- Nobody else but you

Hi beauties, How are you guyss? Happy Sunday,its been a minute. I’ve been a bit distant cuz I’ve been planning on resuming back to school(which I already have) , it’s not easy preparing for final year…that’s right I’m a final year student *whoop whoop*.

One of the most annoying things about leaving school and going home is having to readjust to the network. I hate that part,but I think i seem to have gotten hang of btw. That being said , I decided to update you guys on what’s been going on. Before I continue, lately I’ve been getting really nice comments and reviews from people, I mean ,didn’t even know what I was capable of. So shout out to my almost 300 followers.I appreciate y’all

So currently I’m;

Feeling– Super tired, i should mention i’m done with IT. Like YESSS. finally, working isnt easy to be very honest .

Wearing – Multicoloured socks. They are so comfy

. Watching BK chat LND(Chioma and gogo are my fave) ,omabelle’s YouTube videos and Skinny Girl in Transit season 3 and this is it season 2. This isnt all, lol I watch too many things at once Thankful for the fact that i won that blog consultation session with Maryam Salam. It was such a very important thing and I can’t wait for for you guys to see new improvements

Loving – Mustard, I mean how gorgeous is that color

Eating – a lot of rice. Now that school has resumed, rice being my daily bread has doubled,tripled even.

Reading – A lot of PDF books. I recently joined a WhatsApp Bloggers Support Group, it has a lot of cool bloggers in different niches. Let me know if you you’re interested

Craving– Pancakes.

Annoyed by– The fluctuating network we have in school, makes it almost impossible to do anything

Wanting – This semester to be easy and a complete success. Honestly the struggle of Education is real. I can’t wait to be done, I don’t know if it’s just me but most times I say I want to go home, I get bored and I say I want to go back to school lol

Looking forward to – My birthday!(Oct 23) Scorpio gang💃💃💃. Why am i looking forward to it? Lol I don’t really know I’m just excited

Anyway that’s it for now. Have a great week ahead

P.s There are going to some major improvements on my blog and social media platforms starting November so watch this space oh and follow my Instagram here and twitter here

Who else watches BK chat?

What have you been up to lately?

How amazing are pancakes😋😌

Until Next time



10 thoughts on “Currently I Am Sept’ 17

  1. My dear it’s been the Grace of God, through this years of school and finally getting to finish. About starting my TP soon. Time to start answering to “Uncle, he wrote jagajaga on my book”…

    I have only seen one episode of BKchat. It’s interesting though.

    Yea! I’m interested in the whatsapp group also. Learning never stops.

    Have fun in school dear

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  2. First i gotta say that mustard yellow is a pretty cool colour and looks great on ‘melanin’ skin.
    And about books, i just finished reading ‘The Smart Money Woman’ – By Arese Ugwu which i got from TBA WhatsApp group .
    Interesting update and cute socks too.


  3. Hey Ore, your blog is actually pretty cool.. I think you’re gradually becoming my favorite blogger!😂😊
    I also like the mustard yellow color, but it’s actually not my favorite. And I’ve watched a few episodes of skinny girl in transit, I’m considering going back to complete it( I want to watch every season that’s out), plus it’s been a while since I’ve had pancakes.. they are sold in my school but I’ve never bought it here.
    Btw I’m very much interested in the WhatsApp Group for bloggers that you mentioned in the post, i would love to join.


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