300 followers + 20 Blog Post Ideas For Writers Block

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Hi my loves! I really have no words to explain the joy I’m feeling right now! 300 followers!?!?!? Oh my! I’m so grateful to everyone. That on top of the fact that TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY🎉🎉🎉

Thank you guys so much for your constant support.

In today’s post i decided to post something that every writer one way or another has experienced, writers block, unfortunately.

If you’re new to blogging WritersBlock is when a writer/blogger is having difficulty channelling his/her thoughts into words. Or basically when a blogger has nothing to write about. So today’s in commemoration of my 300 followers which I’m super grateful for!!!!! And I absolutely love♥

I’m going to be sharing 20 Blog post ideas. This is going to be a free interaction. Post just like my 200followers post here. This means anyone can also comment just to inspire anyone going through writers block or someone that doesn’t know what to post next or someone that just needs a topic to write on.

So here it goes….

1.Outfit of the day post

2. What inspired you to blog

3.Favorite childhood memory

4.Favorite spots in your state

5.10 things you can’t live without

6.Favorite brands (makeup etc)

7.whats in my bag

8.Favorite blogging tools

9.Current obsession

10.Your skincare routine

11.Favourite Drugstore products

12.Why do you blog

13.A DIY (Do it yourself)

14.Weird/Random facts about you

15.Favorite apps on your phone

16.Write about your pet

17.Share a recipe

18.Favorite movie of all time

19.Your style wishlist

20.Typical day in your life in 10 photos


1. Share your thrift experience

Like I said earlier guys. It’s an interactive post,if you have more ideas to help anyone out . Please comment

Until Next week

Love ,


30 thoughts on “300 followers + 20 Blog Post Ideas For Writers Block

  1. Congrats on 300 followers Ore…more to come

    More blog post ideas:

    1. A “day in the life of me” post where you write about what a typical day looks like for you
    2. Grocery haul post showing your readers your latest finds from the grocery store
    3. Beauty/fashion haul post showing your readers the latest things you’ve bought
    3. Ask your readers a question
    4. Write a letter to a younger version of yourself

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  2. Congratulations! I had a huge struggle with writers block, but I was able to overcome it, I hope you’ll check out my post about it! I hope one day I can have 300 followers!

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