7||Basic Tips For Christmas Shopping

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7 basic tips for Christmas shopping nextdoorchic.wordpress.com

Hi beauties, how are you guys today? who else can feel how dusty and dry this weather is? Today’s post was inspired by basically this month and everything going on in it.

In the spirit of the festive season and because i thought it’s never too early to start planning what to get for your loved ones or anyone even and even things you need to make christmas special and fun.I know I like to plan things ahead, even picking up my outfits for the next day, I decided the night before else, it’d be war by morning.

That being said, I’d love to share some Christmas shopping tips with you guys that will help you save cost and give you and your family the best Christmas ever!

Let’s begin

1.Look Online

As fun and great as shopping in stores can be (for those who do) when you’re shopping for Christmas, do some of them online(from a reliable source of course) it just saves you the stress.


Because it’s Christmas some stores and shops will have their end of the year sales at the same time lets not forget that some increase prices in this country because of the festive season. So find yourself a shop having its end of the year sales, and bargain ‘typical Nigerian mum style’

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3. Stay away from impulse buying

“It’s pretty” “I like it” “i want it but it’s not on the list”*gives sideeye* my friend will you leave that place! I’m saying it for you. Impulse buying is just the most dangerous thing ever, it’s Christmas you’re bound to see things that will sweep you off your feet that you didn’t include in that list you spent all night putting together to make sure you didn’t forget anything. So don’t fall in the trap!! Because it is cheap doesn’t mean you need it . because at the end of the day you just end up wasting money.

4. Start shopping early

Lol okay so this is such a bomber since I didn’t think of this post until last week, but it can definitely be used next year. I know this trick because its what my mum does, Shall I mention that I’m Muslim, every year we start shopping and planning for Big sallah from Ramadan period or before. Then things are regular prices before vendors add prices to it due to the festive season. we buy everything even the ingredients for food, its just pepper and the likes you cant buy ahead and it kills my mum that she can’t because its always so ridiculously expensive.So shop early that way you save more.

5. Have a plan

A little plan never hurt anyone. Like I’ve been saying this whole time. Planning makes everything 100x better, so you don’t waste time or have to go back because you forgot something

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6.Have a list

Honestly writing everything down is just the best thing you can do for yourself. Literally write everything from decorations,wrapping paper etc. It can be the longest list in the history just make sure you write it down, you can cross out the un-necessaries later

7. Have a budget

So having a budget is absolutely necessary except you’re an ‘Otedola’ or ‘An Arabian prince/princess’. You need to have a budget So your spending doesn’t get out of hand.And when it comes to presents just have an amount you’re going to spend on each person.

..And I think this is everything …

Do you have any questions? Suggestions?

Let me know and I’ll get back to you faster than the speed of sound lol (I think if I had to wish for a super power, it’d be to be super-fast)

How’s Christmas shopping coming along?

What do you think of my tips,were they helpful?



5 thoughts on “7||Basic Tips For Christmas Shopping

  1. Love this post and Havana is one of my favorite songs right now 💞

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  2. nice…


  3. These tips are great. But for the life of me I cannot learn to stay within my budget. I think that’s my sickness. So I don’t really fancy window shopping and I wouldn’t advice me to online shop especially on Aliexpress

    Idle head
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    1. Lol nooo. I wouldn’t advice aliexpress cuz it doesn’t even work for me. Thanks for stopping by dear

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