My Goals For 2018

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My goals for 2018

Hi beauties, How’s everyone doing? Hello to my new subbies(in advance,lol I’m hopeful) thanks for stopping by.

I’m not one to set goals, I’m not a Yes I’m serious. It’s basically because when I set goals I end up not following up and I end up not doing anything as a result of procrastination(THE WORST).

However, I decided to push that aside and try again but this time with a 100 times effort and I’m going to be setting reminders everywhere lol,My phone,my friends phones,my friends too,everyone and everything is going to be my reminder.

So into my Goals this 2018, First things first;

1.Attend blogging events and meet new bloggers.

I love meeting new people,attending blogging events is a great way for me to connect with my fellow bloggers and meet all my e-besties in person. I’m always looking forward to all the events that have bloggers coming together like the annual The Bloggers Point Brunch, Lagos Fashion and Design Week but school is just a big jinx. I hope to change all of that this year. this has always been on my mind for years

2. Create more Fashion,Lifestyle and Beauty Content

I want to work even harder in 2018 and bring you content that you want to read. Most times I always posts that are towards sorry I’m a Beauty-junkie, but not the worry, I plan to work harder and create some more diverse content for you all. I want to start creating more outfit and lifestyle posts. And if there is anything you would like to see in particular, you can always let me know.

3.Work on my Instagram

Instagram has to be the best platform for driving traffic to a blog and despite the fact that numbers shouldn’t be everything. I really want to improve my social media presence. I’ve been stuck on a particular number(i think 2,2 something) it sucks and I MUST move! Lol pray for me. Don’t even get me started on the new Instagram algorithm. I’m one of the many people still reading and researching on it But, I’ll be setting my 5,000 goal for 2018(lol let me not be greedy) and fingers crossed we’ll be able to achieve it! Follow @ore_k I want to post something every day too but because of my lack of an iPhone,its so hard but I’m going to aim to post something every single day and interact with other instagrammers a lot more so click that link above and join in on the fun

4. Use insta-story more

I’ve started using it actually, I’m still learning and exploring how to make it work. it brings out my creativity and I like it. I’ve also been getting some really nice comments about it.I want to start how I mean to go on and I want to keep the snaps coming in 2018. P.s I did an insta-story takeover on @nigerianbeautyinfluencers page yesterday. Do check it out and follow me @ore_k

5.Push Myself out of My Comfort Zone.

This is really important to me, I usually procrastinate and hide from anything difficult. I don’t like anything stressful or even competition wise. But i want to change that and do more this year. lets hope that this time next year when I write my reflection post and 2019 goals I can say i killed it!

6. Save! Save! Save!

I recently found out about and I heard it works really well. People have great things to say about it. I think I’m going to try it out.

Bonus:Work with Brands

So yeah, I think this is it.

What are your goals for 2018?

Have you heard of

What do you think?

Do leave your feedbacks. I can’t wait to read XOXO



22 thoughts on “My Goals For 2018

  1. I use PiggyBank and I’ve been quite consistent with it since last month and I hope to keep it so. Meeting new bloggers is almost cool. I really hope to incorporate that into my schedule as well.

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  2. Yeah! PiggyBank..
    Found about it last year, I didn’t really take it serious until late last year and I can tell you it is pretty amazing. It has been helping me in saving.

    You should try it out.

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