How To Flatlay Like a Pro

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How to flatlay like a pro

Hi beauties. How are you guys? How did your week go?

Today’s post is going to be about one of my most asked questions, let’s get into it

Flatlay is basically a trend that fashion and lifestyle bloggers started, it is basically putting items together in a form or different forms and taking pictures of them.

After reading so much about flatlays I think it’s safe to say I know enough to write a post about it. I’m obsessed, I’ve said it everywhere making and taking flatlay pictures have become one of my favorite things about blogging.

So I’m going to show you guys the few step and tips to flatlay like a pro.

1.Get inspirations.How to flatlay like a pro

Before you start to take your flatlay, you need to be inspired,have a plan of what you want your flatlay to look like or consist of; if you’re trying to go for a “chilled weekend” “early Sunday morning” “show off your outfit of the day” “beauty products” etc.

How to flatlay like a pro

Another way you can get inspirations is on Pinterest(the holy grail) . Just type in “Flatlay” and you’ll have endless possibilities and choices to chose from. Although, Pinterest isn’t the only place to get flatlay inspiration, Google is definitely an option but it’s not just a precise and might be difficult to navigate.

P.s you can personalise it with your nails, magazines etc

2. Background

For your background,

After Getting all the inspiration you want, picking a background is the next step, most times I use White cardboard,I improvised as I don’t have any white bedsheets.

How to flatlay like a pro

I happen to just like the neatness that comes with a white flatlay, it looks good on my instagram feed too, see what I mean here

So you can use different things for your background like bed sheets, Scarves, marble (tiles), fur,floor, magazines, tables etc.

3. Natural lightHow to flatlay like a pro

This is the absolute major KEY for any and everything photography, Natural light is best for your normal pictures, selfies, flatlay etc.

How to flatlay like a pro

I remember when I first started taking flatlays, I used to stay directly under the sun all in the name of “natural light” I got so frustrated cuz there was always a shadow of the things I want to flatlay, I had to go read some more before I got I got right. The best place to get your natural light is by the window side.

Rule No 1 of Flatlaying


That is one rule 80% of bloggers swear by. So get by your window side and embrace all that lovely natural light.

4. Arrange things

How to flatlay like a pro

Some times I like to arrange things in in a “grid-like” way or square. This simply means when you arrange your flatlay objects in a square-like manner.

How to flatlay like a pro

You could try a “still-life flatlay” with some greens(either real or plastic) or single focus flatlay,

How to flatlay like a pro

You could always sometimes switch up and randomly place things till i find one I like and looks nice. So do your best and get creative.

5.Get high

How to flatlay like a pro

It’s definitely not what you think, I don’t mean drugs lol I mean getting Bird eye shots (stand on a chair).

I make use of an iPhone for my flatlays and not a camera. I prefer using the phone. To get the best flatlays from different angles, stand on a chair and shot your shots (lol and no I don’t mean your shot at love).

How to flatlay like a pro

Always keep in mind that you won’t take all photos of your flatlays in one position. Explore! Switch it up, rearrange things, add and subtract things,Go crazy!

Using iphone? Use “square” on your camera

Why? Because it automatically takes takes the pictures in “square” mode, meaning you don’t have to cut its size. And all your things fit into the square you won’t have to crop anything.


6.Edit. I’m thinking I should make another post, it’ll be a continuation on “How to EDIT your flatlay.” What do you think?

P.s Your flatlay should represent your mood. HAPPY, SAD,RELAXED etc

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Have you ever flatlay-ed before?

Who’s your fave BBNaija housemate?

What else do you do to make make your flatlays look great?



13 thoughts on “How To Flatlay Like a Pro

  1. Hey Ore! Lovely post hun… I’ve never flatlayed before but I’ve definitely learnt something new today… especially the preference of natural light. I have seen so many flatlays with different background colours but I love the white ones best. I think I will give flatlaying a try in my up coming posts. I hope they turn out okay… if, pinterest to the rescue! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. I walked pass this post before, then I had to come back, and girrrrl did I not regret coming back. I like photography but I love love good photography. I think I’m gonna give flatlay a try and to think I have been seeing it everywhere and didn’t understand it😏


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