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Product Review: NYX Soft Matte Cream Lipsticks

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Hi beauties. How have you guys been? Happy New Month and Happy Easter to you all!

I’m absolutely sorry for the way I left unannounced but I’m back now fully. I’m done with exams so I’m all yours.

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my new set of NYX Matte Lipsticks, this is my first time buying something other than Classic/Kuddy Cosmetics. I honestly didn’t know NYX had lipsticks, I only know of the NYX jumbo pencil( remember the white pencil for waterline and priming your lids) 12 NYX matte lipsticks

So Being bougee on a budget has its perks and one of them is to split buying things with your friends. That is absolutely the best. You get to buy what you want with your friends and for a much much less price. 12 NYX matte lipsticks

And So That was what happened in the case of this NYX Matte Lipstick I got with my friends Mowa of @mowaglint and Fatima about a month ago but I’ve been really busy I haven’t been able to talk about it . 12 NYX matte lipsticks

It’s originally 36 in the box, my friends and I took it 12 each.


It’s really easy to apply, It comes with a doe-foot applicator already attached to the cap. The applicator does the job PUUURRRRFECTLY .


I’ve tried the lipsticks and I love it! It is extremely lightweight, it feels like nothing is on your lip.

It’s really affordable.

It’s pocket friendly.

It has a LOT of other colors,similar shades as well(can you believe the 36 shades we bought didn’t have red in it and there’s another pack) 12 NYX matte lipsticks


The only thing I don’t like about this lipstick is the size. I honestly wish it came in a bigger tube.

They don’t have names. This is a huge turn off for me tho, I’d like to be able to respond to someone asking what lipsticks I’m wearing, but how can I without any name or number of shade.


The entire set costs N17,000/$47.26

1 costs N1,500/$4.17

5 costs N6,000/$16.68

I want one too, where do I buy? @zi_cosmetics on Instagram (click to shop) 12 NYX matte lipsticks


It’s creamy and it smells like vanilla/candy once you open and apply but over time it fades away, and becomes completely matte.


What do you think of this review?

Did you know NYX has lipsticks?

Have you tried any NYX lipstick or product?

What’s your favorite shade?

Love, 12 NYX matte lipsticks


24 thoughts on “Product Review: NYX Soft Matte Cream Lipsticks

  1. Looks like a good deal but truly sharing with friends seems like the ideal thing to do otherwise one would end up with 36 lipsticks which is a bit not necessary if you ask me. Cos personally, I can use a lipstick for months.

    The smell and feel makes it seems yummy 😁

    Welcome back dear, and success in your exams.

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