7 Ways To Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Brand

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 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

WARNING: This post is quite lengthy😊

Hi beauties, Happy Sunday, it’s been a minute. Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim Readers before I start I just want to say Thank you to everyone that showed Harry and I love yesterday, we appreciate it. I’ve been seeing our faces everywhere on social media, it inspired me to write this post I’m drafting this blogpost from our honeymoon suite. Lol ok bye.

It’s no news that instagram is becoming the next big thing that is if it hasn’t already by passed Snapchat, if you didn’t already know since Instagram added the “Story” to their app, people have now moved on to using it, often times people engage in posting on instastories rather than their feed and no thanks to the new Snapchat updates, a lot of people have decided to leave Snapchat for good and focus on Instastory.

And I’m not just talking about random social media users, I mean bloggers, influencers, business owners, brands etc. Which is why in today’s post I’m going to be sharing Ways in which you can improve/grow your brand or business using Instagram Stories.

As much as it can be fun taking pictures and post on your story, as an influencer or a brand you want to make everything attractive and appealing to your followers that way you get positive responses from them and there is so much more work, time and effort that goes into it

One of the great things about Instastories is that it keeps you active even when you don’t post on your feed, so your followers are still engaged whether you post on your feed or not


 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

Original posts can come from anywhere, just be you. Let your followers feel a certain connection with your regardless of whether they’ve met/seen you before or not. On some days on my instastory I show my full-well beaten-ready to slay Face while more than half the time I show my Wellthis is me/how do you like me now/ I can’t come and kill myself/I can’t be bothered Face. I show that part so people can connect . I’m not trying to be who I’m not. You’d be surprised how much people love that type or originality..

2. Tell a story

 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

Use the instastory to your advantage and tell a story, explain your day in pictures or videos, show why you’re wearing , what shades you have on, what necktie you have on, where you’re going , where you’re at etc

3. Consciously Curate

 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

Now as much as your instastory is different from your feed you shouldn’t forget that it’s just as important, it’s essential for it to be as pretty and well put together as your entire feed so no weird out of place pictures, no dark pictures, no terrible lightning etc none of those But also show all of those things I said in number 2 above

4. Behind The Scenes

 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

With your instastory you can always give a sneak peek of what you’re working on , a new project coming up, a new outfit you designed, brands you’re working with, giveaways etc

5. Step by step tutorials/ Unboxing Videos

 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

I do these a lot on my instastory, sharing a step by step tip or tutorial, it’s not everything I write a blog post about most times I prefer to talk people thorough it , so I do step by step “How to” tutorials and I also make unboxing videos on my instastory that’s just the best place to do it . I did one last week and the week before that of some products I bought and a brand I worked with.

6. Use the location Tag

 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

Using the location tag makes your views extend to just outside your followers, people in that location can see your post For example if I post a picture and there isn’t any location tag only my followers see it , But if I post a picture with the location tag?

 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

The people in that location circled blue can see it when they click it which means more views/exposure for you. So don’t forget to add your locations.

7. Direct Your Followers To Your Feed

 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand

Because of the way the new Instagram is set up, your followers might not see all your post( No thanks to Instagram Algorithm) but you can always remind them through your instastory to go to your feed to show some love on your latest posts.

That’s it! Phew! Who says you can’t write an entire post the morning you want to post it lol

Last minute plead: I really wanted to use the instastory example featuring more bloggers but I only thought of this post this morning and it’s mostly posts of the royal wedding I can find.

I hope this helped one way or another

Do you do anything else to grow your brand?


 7ways to use Instagram stories to grow your brand


24 thoughts on “7 Ways To Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Brand

  1. I love the post. This are what I try to do too. I also noticed most people who check my stories don’t check my feeds or like my pictures. This is nice. Which app did you use to put up the 2 or more pics please.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Instagram has really gone beyond just posting pictures and videos. GIFS, Polls and Hashtags also work well on Insta Stories.
    Live videos as well.
    I’ll really like to know how you create these collages.
    Care to share?
    Well done as well ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Learnt a lot in the most fun way possible. Officially an instastory user all thanks to you. Once I blow, you’re getting an endorsement deal from the Hardcore brand. 💪🏿

    Liked by 1 person

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