Life Lately (Life after School isn’t really all that tbh)

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Hi guys, it’s been forever. I trust you guys are well? this is going to be a short one

Alright so, if you follow my instagram you’ll know I finished school sometime in August right? But I’ve still been shuttling in and out of Osogbo (Osun state) for over 2 months now, It’s either for clearance or for NYSC registration or for a professional exam. I’m honestly exhausted, I didn’t think getting out of school would have this much stress.

But I decided to quickly put this post together cuz I heard we’re going to camp October 20th / 24th (My Birthday is October 23rd, Lol we can all imagine how that’s going to be). So I’ve decided to do a series of NYSC posts, I don’t know how yet but I’ll break down the 3weeks into 2/3posts just to give you guys the full gist (it won’t be too lengthy) of how it’s all going down.

So wish me luck and pray they don’t steal my phone😭😭

Are you done with school??

Have you done your NYSC??

If you have, Any Advice?? Even if you haven’t Any Advice??

Let me know in the comments



19 thoughts on “Life Lately (Life after School isn’t really all that tbh)

  1. Congratulations again! You can’t ever underrate life, it’s celebration and the phases which it brings. So, my advice, having done NYSC is: prepare yourself for criminally early mornings, meeting people and trying to keep up with names and faces (lol maybe just me 🤔) but that’s just for a while; stuff might get lost/stolen in camp.. Keep an open mind for fun, and learn/acquire a skill (I’m a rusty Barber) if you can.


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