NYSC DIARIES : Chapter 1

Let’s assume procrastination didn’t get the better part of me and I posted this the day I drafted it. Now that that’s settled….

Currently Listening to The Commentators and the crowd cheering as 3 platoon just scored against 6 platoon

It’s hell first of all! Am I yelling? Yes I am! Cuz it’s hell! The 4am’s, endless parades, morning “devotions”, “under the sun or in the rain” (I hate that), daily socks and rubber shoes, putting Nigeria to sleep. Btw I got posted to Oyo State, camp was at Iseyin. So those of you that said I’d get Gombe😒😒😒

Let me also mention Camp opened on my birthday(23rd October), if you’re saying “Awwn” “eiya” or laughing, you’re on track! It was the worst! It was horrible! I cried lol . I spent the day marching endlessly until 6pm or so. I couldn’t believe it.

So let me break it down

Day 1

I got to camp a day before 🙄 lol don’t laugh at me or call me NYSC PREFECT ,let me explain and no I wasn’t going to Oyo from a long distance. I stay in Abeokuta.

I got to camp around 9am on Monday lol please dear don’t laugh 😑😑 I wasn’t the first person 🙄 I met like 2 guys that came from Sokoto apparently they had been on the road for 2 days. Eventually more people came , Anyway I went cuz I didn’t think I wanted to travel on my birthday and I thought the earlier the better especially with the kits, I didn’t want ugly extra large kits I couldn’t do anything about.

Sigh I had plantain chips for breakfast and lunch

I also thought we’d be put in rooms and all that settling down drama lol I WAS WRONG! You guys! I was out till 6pm! From 9am! Apparently they were waiting for more people to come .

Sometime around 5:30pm it started to rain we found the first hostel, Ajimobi Boys,lmao the part that killed me was the amount of people it was meant for. 980 boys ! Lmao I died. Luckily it wasn’t mine obviously I finally got mine and it was a room of 44 lol better right!? By this time I already made some friends (best girls in this camp btw)

We found rooms and Monday was over after we got food(crappy food by the way, for those of you asking) from the Camp market.

Day 2

The registration struggle started, we couldn’t do much the day before so we had to start early. Eventually I got my state code number and ended up in 1 Platoon 😩 I was more upset cuz I knew we’d be the first to do everything. After registering, we got our kits, my platoon coordinator was nice enough to change my shoes from a Size 11 to 5 which was still big and some of my shirts too (let me just say this, if you haven’t served NEVER believe at any point that NYSC will give you something good, let me explain, your shoes can NEVER be your size, same for all your clothes, they always give 2 pairs of white shirt lol those ones are usually XXXL by default but shrink into crop tops as you wash them)

The evil thing about completing your registration is that you have to change to White immediately! The moment you do, the soldiers take you 😭 and you start training

It was the first time, we trained from around 9am to 6pm, marching, going over the same routine multiple times . I was so frustrated (worst birthday ever)

Let me put it out there, you have no time for yourself besides 6:30-9:30pm sha before lights out by10 but for little things like washing, maybe if you can wash in the morning before you have your bath but there’s no guarantee you’ll meet it on the line you left it. I never washed anything in camp, I had enough I was dealing with already I couldn’t add screaming “who took a white shirt on the line” to it! Many times people would enter my room to ask if anyone took something that isn’t theirs lol once a girl was washing something by the tap and she put her NYSC cap on the tap and before she looked up to take it, it was Gone! Lol I can’t live like that please.

But Fast Forward to when we got the hang of it, after swearing in, the struggle reduced, we had to deal with the super boring 4 hours compulsory lectures explaining the same things over and over again. At some point I actually missed the parade 😩 The lectures were draining, even more than the parade, you can’t sleep, text or slouch in anyway. You just had to sit upright and pay attention till the end! Urgh!

……..That’s it for now y’all 💕 More In my next post💘

Have a Great Week Ahead❤️❤️



10 thoughts on “NYSC DIARIES : Chapter 1

  1. I Love this. I was just laughing and laughing.. And smiling, and laughing some more. What an experience. Let me say it now, when I got the mail of the new post, I legit was so eager to read it up; girl, you didn’t disappoint. God, I think I’m a fan, If I wasn’t one already.
    Super engaging. I could visualise and feel and hear and almost taste as you described your experience. Okay, enough I being starstruck; I’m glad you’re in one piece and you relatively and ultimately had/are having a good time. Corper wee! 😀


  2. Currently in camp so I know how you feel. Going early is a scam because it unfortunately doesn’t guarantee anything in this Lagos camp.
    Overall, I believe we will survive eventually, like you did.
    Looking forward to the next post Ore!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sigh Goodluck Desire! Lol if you’re in any camp especially Lagos luck is needed and I understand if coming early doesn’t have an effect in Lagos 😂. Las las we’ll all be alright. Thank you for reading dear❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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