Manicure Inspiration For The Holidays?? 10 ways to Nail it this Christmas

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Hi beauties! ‘Tis the season to be jolly 💃🏼(almost) Happy almost Christmas! Lol it’s never too early to start counting down. How are you guys doing? Is anyone as excited for the end of the year like I am!? Lol I feel like it’s just for now tho, I hope the excitement doesn’t die in 2weeks time.


So! It’s the end of the year, Christmas decorations are hanging, Everyone is getting excited and preparing for the festivities.

Ever thought about that perfect manicure to go with the Festive season? I thought I’d help y’all out seeing as I can’t really explore with my nails like that lol my parents would freak!

But I still do it anyway I’m just not extra. At least for now

Anyways I was exploring Pinterest as usual (if you don’t follow me already click here to join the fam) and I saw some really nice mani-inspo and thought to share with you guys . And it’s perfect cuz it’d be just in time for Christmas.

I even named them myself lol

1. Christmas Lights

2. Mistletoe Magic

3. Christmas Day

4. Reindeer Silhouette

5. Snowflakes

6. Green with Envy

7. Christmas Morning Blues

8. Candy Cane

9. White as Snow

10. Snowflakes and Presents

Disclaimer: All pictures are from Pinterest except No 9, that’s mine

My faves are 3 & 5

What’s yours?

Do you ever fix your nails??

Which are you? Extra or Normal

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments


We hope that these options make your decision making easier. Have a great day!


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