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Hi Munchkins! How are you guys? It’s almost the end of September! Is it just me or September was really fast. BTW my birthday is next month so yeah(mixed feelings tho).

Today I’m going to be talking about one of the things that I get asked in tiny bits by different people on my Instagram and think I truly can talk about now cuz I have enough “experience” which is what I always say and that is HOW I PLAN/PREPARE FOR MY SHOOTS.

DISCLAIMER: this is quite lengthy

Please note, I have just one photographer (AKA A FRIEND WITH A GOOD EYE and also studied mass communication THAT TAKES MY PICTURES WITH HIS IPHONE 7 PLUS) no cameras or nothing.

As a content creator/blogger, shoots are very very essential which is why I take my time to plan them.


This is not the most important part (at least for me) but it definitely is essential especially if you’re like me and you already know your photographer and it’s not like you’re just meeting for the first time then it’s not compulsory to meet with your photographer

I think that you should tho’ if you can make time for it to discuss the “strategy” “where you’re going” “places you want to shoot at” “time frame” cuz not all photographers are like my friend whose time I can take all day and he wouldn’t mind you know? And you also want to discuss concept; “type of Poses” “where” etc

For inspiration do not hesitate to check from Pinterest cuz that’s where I get mine and Instagram too.


This is one that I do for myself, I do it consciously and unconsciously most times . Basically this is when you just look for places or like a cafe or like restaurants that will go well with the type of pictures you want to take, that being said most times when I find places that I want to take pictures it’s mostly Places that I find when I’m on bike lol going somewhere and I just see the environment, those are for outdoor pictures of course but for pictures like in the café or in the restaurants I mostly just ask around, remember the name of a place someone mentioned one time or check Google for the type of restaurants that are within my area.

3. SEARCH FOR INSPIRATION : Once again, this is one that I do through Pinterest. Pinterest is my favorite place to get Inspiration, Inspiration for anything and everything that I want to do.

Also another place that I get my inspiration from is Instagram, check fellow bloggers and try to get Inspo from them or just random inspiration that Instagram suggests to me and thanks to the new update on Instagram I can now save pictures that inspire me in the folder on Instagram. And then when I’m ready to shoot I’ll check them

4. PICK A DAY ; Personally picking a day hasn’t really been much of a problem for me, I mostly take pictures on Sundays. Why? I’m really shy and I don’t like crowds and I am very awkward when I’m taking pictures so I like to do it on days when I know that people are not out or if they’re out. they are either at the mosque or at church.

I always take my pictures on Sundays and even if I don’t take it on Sundays and I want to take it during the week, I always pick days when I know people won’t be out or better still when there’s a public holiday and I know that people will not be out those days are the days when I like to take pictures so basically you just find whatever works for you.

Another thing that I try to do is I pick two days but mostly because of the crowds that I mentioned earlier I end up just doing it on Sundays. The two days that I pick usually are Saturday and Sunday , Saturday morning, very early on Saturday morning but most times I’m always too lazy to get out of bed or the plan just flops or something something like that. So I just go on Sunday and I spend few hours out, I leave my house very early like maybe around 9 AM or 8 when I get back home by 2 PM or 3 PM

5. PICK YOUR OUTFITS ; The thing I do about my photoshoot and what I wear is that starting from the day of my last photoshoot I already start planning my next outfits, That being said I just basically look for outfits that go with what I have planned and If I need to shop from Instagram vendors before hand I do so.

6. GET HELP ; lol “wardrobe assistant” or in this case i always take my friends. For my shoots I always make sure I take a female friend. You know just Incase to zip up something, to help me hold something, Incase something malfunctions lol

And also about me being shy I always take my friends along, to help me to loosen up. But again you know how this is all about me and it might be different for you, you might know how to pose and take pictures, So you may not need an extra hand it could just be you and your photographer.

Lol this is Tinuke. Everywhere I go she goes 😂😂
Meet my guys

7. THINK ABOUT PROPS : Like I said before this has to do with the concept of pictures that you want to take if you’re going for like a beachy look or it’s a sponsored post. You might want to get props. Like in the photo below, I used the drinks as props cuz sponsored post. I have a picture I used a laptop as a prop

8. LOGISTICS/BUDGET ; This is important, very important. The money for your budget or logistics covers your transportation to spend at the locations that you’re going to use. Take for example, if I’m going to use a cafe for a shoot I understand that even if they’re not going collect money from me because I’m taking pictures with my phone, they may just want me to pay for something before taking the pictures or buy something even if the littlest thing on the menu. Which is understandable.

Don’t forget to add transportation cost. Example with me that whenever I’m doing my shoot, I always put my things in a box and extra nylon Transportation cost will be included definitely and I know that I can’t take a bike so that has to be either getting Taxify/Uber but if you have a car already, Thank God Lol

For open spaces, like GRA’s or something, you might have to tip the security men. Keep that in mind. Tipping isn’t usually more than 200naira for me so

Also, if I’m going to drag 3 people out might as well feed them lol before they faint on me. I remember last time, Tinuke’s “I’m hungry” face almost pierced a hole in my forehead lmao . Scary child. So yeah. Include that too

So yeah! I think that’s it! It’s so long. If I missed anything out, let me know and I’ll include it in a Part 2 series.

How do you plan your shoots?

Who takes your pictures?

Ever had difficulties getting into a location?

Let me know in the comments section. I’ll be waiting for your honest feedbacks

All My Love,


  1. Beautiful write-up. I think it’s important you plan your shoots beforehand. Pinterest has been a savior for me when it comes to inspiration. My sister is my photographer, we live together so she has no choice lol.

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    1. Lol lucky youuu. Thank you for reading hun 💕


  2. Nice one…really enjoyed this post.☺

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m really impressed by your informative writeup!
    I also appreciate the fact that you utilise Google Maps a lot, I use it to find places to write about on my blog.
    P.s. I follow your page on Instagram and your tutorials are amazing. I use them every once in a while…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it


  4. This post is totally relatable.

    Personally, location hasn’t been so much of a challenge for me when planning shoots. Before now, I used to use my IphoneX and my sister takes all my pictures. Until she had to move to another part of town and I’m stuck to paying photographers to shoot me. That’s becoming a big cost for me and I’m already thinking of recruiting another ‘photographer’ soon to use my phone, lols.

    I shoot mostly on Saturdays and Sundays if I didn’t get what I want. And I edit during the week before posting. For planning my outfits, it’s mostly done a day or two before the proposed shoot.

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    1. Damn! Paying photographers can be somewhat challenging too. I happe you figure it out soon hun ❤️ thanks for reading 😘

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  5. Hello, I’m new here. I’ve been going through your contents and I’ve been inspired. Four years, that’s amazing. I’m new at blogging and its been a thrilling experience expressing myself. I’m definitely subscribing so I can see more of your posts.
    From a newbie 😊.


  6. Really useful ! Very detailed post and explanation was great. I had a great learning. Thanks for such a really useful resource. Keep it dear! keep sharing such amazing things.


  7. I’ve not even started taking pictures for my blog, I’m planning on starting soon, this tips would go a long way. https://richardruth.word

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    1. Yay. I’m glad . Thank you for reading 💕


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