4 Things I wish I knew Before Starting My Blog

Hi hi!! Happy last month of 2019! Gosh feels like 3 weeks ago was January and now it’s all over. In June next year I’d have had this blog for 4years! Can you believe that! Lol who knew what I started as a result of one day’s boredom would turn out to be this big thing in my life. Blogging has opened my eyes to so many things and people including the whole industry and the creatives in it. And for that I’m very grateful for this space and all of you in it with me .

Now to Today’s post, I’ve gotten this question a million times but I can say it’s the one question I NEVER answer, not because I’m a proud person that doesn’t reply DMs cuz I’m not, but because I honestly don’t ever know what to say, and I’d rather say nothing than say rubbish . So today, before the year runs out I want to put something out, after thinking about it for what seemed like forever lol

Let me first say, Blogging ISNT easy! It’s not! Don’t let anyone lie to you that it is, there’s a reason most people aren’t doing it anymore 😪 or should I say aren’t consistent at all (most people being me too) but if you’re persistent I do believe that you can do it . It takes a lot of your time and effort and brainwork cuz we write these things from up there. The editing, shooting , content creation etc it’s all hard, hard work

So let’s get into it, lol


I remember when I started, I didn’t even know what a niche was, Heck! I’d never even heard the word. Lol I just researched on Google a few times “how to start a blog” , Google Suggested WordPress so I signed up and I used Instagram to search “blogger” and lots of people came up! An entire community of creatives that I didn’t know about. I don’t know what I was expecting maybe the Linda ikeji type but I was happy I got the lifestyle and fashion bloggers. That made me know my “niche” . Before then I’d always said I didn’t want the Linda Ikeji type of blog, I want the “relatable” type, lol that’s what I called it but now I know it’s called LIFESTYLE. So pick your niche, choose what interests you and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Stick to it! It might be Food, Cars, Travel, Fashion, DIY, Decor,Jewelry(yes there are jewelry bloggers) etc


This is KEY! Lol major KEY! I mean how else will anyone know what you’re doing if you don’t post it? So yeah! Promotion is very important, I used to publish posts and just promote on my WhatsApp via Broadcast to like 10friends lol . I used to be really shy about having this blog but one time I just randomly posted on IG and when I saw how much traffic i got? NEVER AGAIN!



Lol this one, I had funny pictures in the beginning of this. I was trying but it wants quite it . I used to take photos of inanimate objects cuz of my “I don’t take pictures” thing but once I started working on planning shoots for the blog and editing, that totally changed


It’s great to have a huge amount of followers or views and everything but there won’t be followed/viewers if you have weak content. Take for instance, think about how and why you go back to your favorite bloggers and influencers or even your favorite artists , it’s because they push out content that you like. That’s one thing that I did. Actually so technically it’s not something I didn’t know lol

And there you have it! Your Sunday dose of Blogpost from me to you!


Thank you for reading and getting this far!

Do you have questions?

What are the things you wish you knew?

Share them with me . I’ll be waiting for your honest feedbacks 💕

Love ,

17 thoughts on “4 Things I wish I knew Before Starting My Blog

  1. Bricks and Laces December 8, 2019 — 5:43 pm

    Oreeeeee, missed reading from you. This was beautifully written. I started my blog again after I abandoned it for years out of the love I had for writing and reading blogs too. If I started the blog for something else other than the love I have for writing, I would have abandoned it again because sometimes it can be a lot to handle. From content to post to pictures to go with it. It can be overwhelming. Please don’t stop creating the beautiful content you do because you’ve got a fan in me.

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    1. Hi hun!! Thank you so much!!! This means a whole lot! I’m super grateful for you ! ❤️💕


  2. This is a very insightful post. I don’t know my niche but you might have helped me realize what my niche could be. Thank you 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad I could help! Thank you for reading hun 💕

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  3. So brief and accurate. You could also add that it requires a lot of time, money and dedication.
    Keep writing…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes it totally does! Thank you for reading!


  4. Yessss Ore! Number 4 is SO TRUE! It’s so much more important to write what you love than writing something for the sake of getting views. Love this post!

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    1. Exactly! Thank you for reading hun

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  5. Thank you for this, I just started blogging so I’m soaking in all the tips. Thanks

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    1. Thank you for reading ❤️


  6. I enjoyed reading your tips.
    I love writing myself.
    I found out facebook is not giving me what I want in terms of blogging until I found WordPress.

    Kindly follow me also and like my posts. I will really appreciate it.

    Happy new year🥰😊


  7. Thanks for the information. I don’t know where am going with my blog but as of right now it’s my safe outlet to dump things out of my head. I don’t worry about numbers that much because it’s therapeutic for me. However one day I hope to care about the numbers. Great post!


  8. This post just made me understand niche….I just started my blog this year out of my flare for writing…Thanks Ore….its a nice content


  9. wow, 4 years is a very longggg time. I just started my blog. Yes, I agree with not being shy and putting yourself out there. I’m a bit unsettled about the niche thing but I love travel and hair stuff. So yeah.

    congratulations, I’ll learn a lot from you


  10. The first post I’m reading on this site❤️ Thank you.


  11. Thanks for sharing this great information. I really like your post.

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