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DISCLAIMER : THIS IS NOT AN AD/SPONSORED POST, I bought the products and thought I should share them with you. ALSO, I GOT THEM WHILE SHE WAS HAVING A SALE

Hi there! This is me waltzing back in here like I haven’t been gone for over 3 months . How have you guys been???

if you’re new to my blog, WELCOMEEEEEEE💃🏼 I’m excited! I hope you stick around. If you’re one of my old timers, Hiii again!!

Sigh I’ve missed this so much. Today, I won’t even be wasting time or stressing so let’s JUMP right into it!

I’ve been talking about updating my makeup bag and everything, a girl can never have too much makeup, so I decided to get some more from an online store on Instagram while she was on sale about a week ago.

I got quite a lot of things…ISH. I’ll try to make this as quick as possible

Makeup is really about skin prep for me, I know that now, I’ve been gushing all over the products I bought. Some of them I’ve used before or had/still have while some are first timers for me, Some of the products for skin prep I got are PONDS OIL CONTROL CREAM, RIMMEL STAY MATTE PRIMER and CETAPHIL MOISTURIZING LOTION.

I got mostly Skin Prep products because I have an oily skin before now, I used only setting spray, I didn’t sweat through the makeup like crazy tho , lol on the scale of 1-10, I’d sweat 6. Lol so that made me decide to buy products I’ve seen Makeup enthusiasts and artists vouch for.

I got Beauty Blenders, I have few already but she sold all 4 for N1000 so I thought , why not? I also got a new Mascara as well, I have a few of those as well but in all honesty, I bought the mascara cuz it has an extra Kajal pencil in it for N600 lol buy one get something free type-thing.

Next I bought Micellar Water , I have one but I left it in Ibadan and I just thought I should have one here at home too. If you look close enough you’ll notice how most of the products especially the skin prep products are Small, that’s because I purposely bought the small size of everything. Since it’s just me and maybe my mum when I have to do her makeup cuz she has a party once in a while, I figured buying the big size would be a waste so why not start small, plus it’s not like I wear make up everyday. Anyway, this one is N1000, I think the big size is N2,500

I heard great reviews about the Zikel products (FYI, they’re a Nigerian Brand) which is great and very surprising , so I decided to buy their setting spray since I have everything else they make. I got it for N1,800

Eyeliner is one thing I haven’t exactly had much luck with, it’s either not dark enough or it’s too harsh or the tip gets fat after a while, I’m not a Gel Liner babe, if I was, I’d have bought that a long time ago but i can’t work with it. Sometime 3years ago in Uni, there was this MUA babe that was using it then, she vouched for it and I said I’d buy it when I found it, so I found it and got it. It’s about N800

I got the clear lipgloss for NO REASON AT ALL. Lol I just felt like. I have over 6 lipglosses and Lipbalms. I didn’t need it but I wanted it so I got it. I think she sold it for N1000

I got this eyebrow pencil too! I think besides the skin prep products, I was also very excited about this pencil cuz I usually use my N100 Davis Eyebrow Pencil in 18 but I wanted to switch up and try something new. If you know your Davis , you’ll know how Thick that pencil is, I usually have to brush the brows to reduce the thickness, I got tired and I wanted to try the new type people use now, I initially wanted to get the BeautyLineByDidi one but I didn’t see it on her page but I saw this Binwa Pencil, I think it’s a Nigerian Brand too, idk. But I got this Pencil too for about N1800

This 12 piece Eye Brush Set, I LOVE IT! IT’S SO SOFT AND FLUFFY AND IT BLENDS SO WELL, Best N2,500 I’ve ever spent!That being said,


I absolutely loveeee them!

Makeup Store ; @nanahawa_beautystore

That’s it for today’s post

What makeup products are you currently loving ?

Bought any new products lately ?

I’d be in the comments section waiting to hear from you.



  1. These are all great finds. I got the Ponds oil control cream and it’s beeen the best addition to my makeup kit. Love how my makeup lasts hours and looks matte all day.

    Also got a mascara with an eye pencil like the one you got. Can’t say I like it that much anyway. Again, this is my cue to get a great eyebrow pencil.


    1. Ponds lasts ALL DAY!! Plus that Rimmel Matte Primer. It’s ridiculous! I haven’t tried out the pencil in the mascara pack.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting and thanks for pointing out the issue with the comment section 🥺💕💕💕


  2. Great post 🥰 I heard cetaphil isn’t really a good moisturizer even though I use it too. I’m looking for a better product

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really? I haven’t see any other one, let me know when you find out . Thank you for reading 💕


  3. I can commenttttt, will read later

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have that eyeliner and it’s super good!
    I’ll check out the ig store
    I love what you bought! You sure did spend your money wisely

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you hun. Thanks for reading too


  5. First of all, I’d love to thank you for this long, yet really valuable article. I must say, this article covers lots of tips that I was not aware of.
    Truly this article is worth reading. Thanks a lot for the share.


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