Hi There,

Welcome to Nextdoorchic, My Name is Ore and this is my tinnie tiny little space on the internet where i share things that interest me from lifestyle, beauty, fashion tips, daily hacks, DIYs etc.

Nextdoorchic started in the corner of my room sometime in the summer of 2015 as a result of boredom and slowly it became my safe space to share all my interests which i absolutely love to do. It’s been 6 years since i’ve been on this journey

I currently live in Ogun State, Nigeria. I love creating content and blogging, when i’m not here blogging i’m on my instagram page connecting with my followers on there. You can join us here

Almost 6 years later, Nextdoorchic (a name i was inspired by because of the Disney movie, Radio Rebel. lol don’t laugh) has grown so much into a place where i share my 2 cents every now and then.

This is something i enjoy doing and I am so thankful to my readers for giving me the opportunity to do what I love as much as i can and want.

Here I will share with you my favorite tips and tricks, lifestyle, fashion and beauty post. I hope Nextdoorchic inspires you to learn something new and connect.

Don’t forget to follow , like, share and leave your honest feedbacks.


Let’s make something together.

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